22 April 2005

if i were leonard bernstein, i would...

"it's 3 a.m.
and i'm up again
answering the call of all
the flowers by the bed
make me wish my head
was light and possessed by truth alone
a certain home
a wooden gate, a rabbit hole
we'll turn around it won't be long
capture that place, won't it be fun"

i just recently heard on the radio that there is company pushing for other car companies to start making fully electrical 'plug in' cars. that it would save money that is used on fuel, lessen the dependence on fossil fuels and would boost moral for society.

but would all this really happen? a plug in car receives electricity that is produced somewhere- and somehow. some states have wind powered generators, hydroelectric power, nuclear power. however- all of the continental US states use coal- except for vermont. and most states receive over 50% of their electrical power from coal plants.

as it has been shown by the wonderful world of science that acid rain is polluting the lakes in the adirondacks. and that is acid rain is coming from the coal plants (not that burning coal produces acid rain- but you know what i mean).

so if everyone- who doesn't live in vermont, started buying these 'plug in' cars, wouldn't it hurt our environment? and that bit about boosting morale? i think litter from passing cars is dirtier than some fumes. but then again, i carry around my own o2 tank. now you know.

um... "it's fun to learn- 'cause knowledge is power"

18 April 2005

funny slogans

because on and on, the tides are going to come
as sure enough, they'll leave again as one
as you and i, we will or won't be here
as sure enough, the angels take their share, but where?

i'm not so sure i think it's fair.

and i'm not so sure i think they care...

funny slogans i heard on tv. only ones i can recall now are the one from thermasilk- "don't blow dry, blow beautiful," and the one from yoplait- "together you and yoplait can lick breast cancer." i do hope that someone got into trouble over that.

oh- and i found a hero in the world. one in australia luckily enough. the trolley man!

15 April 2005

get what you pay for

i was twenty one years when i wrote this song
i'’m twenty two now, but i won’t be for long
people ask when will you grow up to be a man
but all the girls i loved at school
are already pushing prams

i loved you then as i love you still
though i put you on a pedestal,
they put you on the pill
i don'’t feel bad about letting you go
i just feel sad about letting you know

i don'’t want to change the world
i’'m not looking for a new england
i'’m just looking for another girl
i don’t want to change the world
i’'m not looking for a new england
i’'m just looking for another girl

i loved the words you wrote to me
but that was bloody yesterday
i can'’t survive on what you send
every time you need a friend

i saw two shooting stars last night
i wished on them but they were only satellites
is it wrong to wish on space hardware?
i wish, i wish, i wish you'’d care

what can't billy bragg do? i was reminded today of a great game. if you want to learn how to play you will have to go and look at mattathias' page. his rules will be easier to follow for newbies, because my directions involve shots of scotch. and if there is anything i know about newbies and scotch, it's that they can't learn a new game to save their lives.

my camera came in the mail to-day. and apparently it wasn't $267 liked i had hoped. that price was only for the camera- no battery, no charger, no memory card, no plugs for the tv, no plugs for the computer, no cd-roms. needless to say i called them up and was, of course, put on hold. call me a racist (which i'm not- i am as far from racism as black is from white), but if the hold music is r&b, chances are it is a company full of minorities. either way...

i tell sanchez that their website specified that it came with all aforementioned items for $267- not $689. after much negotiating and his gibberish in some broken english i now have a camera, with all the goods- with and added 128 and 512 megabyte cards and 5 year protection plan, and $100 credited to my card. grand total= $500... and change.

and the sony cybershot dsc-ti is worth every penny. maybe not trying to reason with paco, but outside of that, it is worth it.

and for some reason... this was made. i can't blame you if you only get less than 5.3 seconds into it. it is a terrible spoof of a falsely knighted sir mixalot- and i think you know the song title. but how about it's new name... 'baby got book'

12 April 2005

calm as hindu cows

'will i ever get to where it is that i am going?
will i ever follow through with what i, what i had planned?
i guess it's possible that i have been a bit distracted
and the directions for me are a lot less in demand.
will i ever get to where i'm going?
if i do, will i know when i'm there?
if the wind blew me in the right direction would i even care?
i would.'

from the onset, it looks like spring. spring- the rejuvenate season, the season of birth. and yet the... end... of another season. spring- the undoer, ruinator, destructor of winter. i would not be so kind as to welcome it. as it ripens the seeds fall to ensure another cycle.
the royal astronomical society has just met to see about what kind of super expensive telescope that the e.u. should build. there is the TMT (thirty meter telescope), OWL (overwhelmingly large telescope), and ELT (extremely large telescope). i know, i know- it does sound made up, but for reallies- check it out. now- good idea or bad idea? these things cost a lot of money to build. but something else makes me wonder- we (i say we, sure it is a collective pluralization of mankind, but that it is mankind making it. oh... and for you feminists, humankind. man!) are so concerned about what might be in the outer celestial parts of space and its goings on, what planet has ice, what planet has veggies, what planet if full of apes, and what planet we can send mexicans too; but what i want to know is, do we really need to broaden our scopes out to space when we can take that money and perhaps build a giant microscope and fix the crap we started here before we take it to other planets? i think i just ranted.
oh and what about sammy hahnemann? he started that whole homeopathy hubub. 'fight like with like,' he said. this makes me laugh. because, no one except for matt might know this, but... there are a band of people in the middle east, in the Empty Quarter, the Bedouin actually, and before they started to settle in the markaz (which the governments have built) where they received medicine- they used to burn themselves. so like- there is a burning in my esophagus, and sticking a hot poker down there does the same thing- has to cure it! though i know that is not what homeopathy deals with, it still makes me laugh.
lately i have been feeling a bunch different. it is the whole change thing- i hope i can hold out until february. oh- and about that terrible phone call i made, i got a raise. and i make more than anyone in the warehouse. i should have placed that call so much earlier.
oh... and i was unofficially invited to the Canada trip. and if anyone else is going- this is the year if ever there were a year to go. i've been told by an inside source that we are going earlier this year- before it starts to get a bit too cold. not that a little cold would stop me, not even a lot of cold could do that. but- it is the last year i will be state side for a while- if ever again. i am deporting my butt soon. so get scotty to bring his drink, and rew to polish that croquet set, and get your invitation!

10 April 2005


just some movies i need to see before the year is up:

in no particular order.

around the bend
ong bak
dear frankie
bigger than the sky
kung fu hustle
kicking and screaming
layer cake
bad news bears
the chronicles of narnia
wallace and gromit
kingdom of heavn
mr. and mrs. smith
the island
rory oshea was here
house of d
swimming up stream
upside of anger
green butchers
warriors of heaven and earth
imaginary heroes
pink panther
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
batman begins
charlie and the chocolate factory
a very long engagement

06 April 2005

on many a thing

good-day sunlight
i'd like to say how truely bright you are
you don't know me, but i know you, see- you are my favorite star.

if my days were not long enough as they were, spring and the- vernal equinox, i believe, have now made it longer. good news for the plan to get to the U of E- i have found many an odd job, and tax return to help finance me. there are a few things left to get; camera down, just lappy and plane ticket left. what fun this will be. so please be kind to pray that i get there- and that they will let me stay.

guess what happened to-day? i made fun of cops... right to their faces, and they laughed. here is how it all 'went down.' i was extremely hungry, so i went to the first subway that i could find. as i was standing in line- in walk two po-pos. the nice indian lady from behind the counter asked me what kind of sub should she make for me. i told her, 'um... a ham one... with some bacon... actually anything that came from a pig put on. oh- hello officers, i was... just kidding.' then they both laughed, shockingly yet thankfully at the same time. upon reading the letters of the logo on my work shirt, they asked me if i worked for Norwalk- and i said, 'well... not anymore!'

my co-worker noticed that everyone behind the counter was of middle eastern descent. and he mentions to me that it must be hard for them to serve a bunch of white devils like me (which is probably a bad thing to do, because though i am not racist, i can get racsy). so i reminded him that they like money, and since i make twice as much as they do, they should be happy i come by. sure- it was over the top, but if you heard it, you would have laughed.

oh- and later victor, my co-worker, says that he notices that in the upper philly area that there are a lot of ugly women, at least women that are not all that attractive. he then ends with, "i guess i just have high standards." i then reminded him that his girlfriend isn't all that beautiful- in fact i said that i believe that she fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, only to fall in a freshly raked pile of ugly tree leaves and then beaten by beautiful children wielding ugly sticks. needless to say- he got upset. it was all in good fun i say- even though she isn't all that pretty.

i'll write something more serious next time.

02 April 2005

favonian winds bring us spring

"it’s 3 a.m.
and i’m up again
answering the call of all
the flowers by the bed
make me wish my head
was lying and possessed by truth alone a certain home
a wooden gate, a rabbit hole
we’ll turn around it won’t be long
capture that place, won’t it be fun"

to-day was very productive. i did the laundry, cleaned my room, learned about a great many things, and then had dinner with tina and frankie. we went to the coopersburgh diner. the food was really good, and our waitress was really nice, but i couldn't help notice how unprofessional that place was- but it is a diner after all. tina thinks i hate that place- but i would go again.

on my drive home, the ipod was playing all the songs a soul like mine needs to hear. the second greatest invention ever made. it was rainy all day (which i love), and yet i stole a look out my window. the clouds had just enough opening that i saw a few stars. and for some reason i felt awed, and particularly small at the same time. lately i have been feeling a change coming. and usually when i feel this way, a huge change comes. everytime i feel this way i am uprooted and placed in a new place. i do believe i will be going to Australia. i was tossing around the idea of going to the University of Melbourne for philosophy. i do have some things to work out first. i need to pay off a debt or two, get a laptop- thinking the apple, and a digital camera. not much else i can think of.

now i need to work on a list of who is going to visit.


01 April 2005

April Fools Mother F*&%$@s

"what i'm looking for cannot be sold to me.
i wish they all would stop trying
cause' what i want and what i need,
is and will always be free."

well, if you are still here, you might want to leave. heck- everyone else avoided me to-day. which could have been a damn shame- it's that time of year again where jerks like me make a laughing stock out of your arse. and spare me that silly, "at others expense" crap. i didn't see anyone else up late at night figure out how i was gonna get everyone.

as the day started, no one- absolutely no one was at work to-day, not until a few hours after we opened. this normally bothers me because they are all salary- however, it only bothered me to-day as i got to work 2 hours early to set up some great pranks. all in all, the day was very long for some individuals.

now i am off to go outside and play with bailey- a puppy i visit often. we play frisbee for hours when it is nice outside. no foolin.

and i should thank Rew and Matt for letting me see their blogdospot so that you can now waste your time looking at mine.

ps happy belated birthday Kris Werner and Carly Baum

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