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soaring at a wonderful 11,277 meters high!

and you're leaving me, yeah you're leaving me
you're leaving me with a hated identity

but i keep on a comin' here and standing in this state
and i'm never really sure if you'll take what i'm saying the right way
but i'm not appalled or afraid of verbal pocket play
is as discreet as i can muster up to be

~blind melon

that's right, 11,277 meters, at a whopping 796 kilometers per hour. and it is -63º centigrade out. for those of us non-metric citizens, i am 3700 feet up, and cruising at 494 miles per hour, and it is -81º fahrenheit. for those of you who have can't measure, i am up really high and moving very fast, and it is cold out. for the rest of you, wheeeeeeeeeeee!

today's in flight meal is... chicken sandwich. now- most of you know that i do not like chicken, but more than that it makes my stomach upset. one time (when i used to eat there a couple of years ago), i was at macdonald's to get some second breakfast. i asked for a number 4, it was sausage biscuits or something (the breakfast menu was still up). well, i got the lunch menu number 4 instead. it was a chicken sandwich. i choked it down, but i felt really upset in the tummy after that.

to-day i have not eaten since rew and i left our nice peach smelling hotel in the morning- and that was at 8:30 something. i was friggin hungry. so i took the sandwich to end the pangs coming from inside my stomach. well, about 15 minutes ago, i got ill. i have now raised my level for chicken to the highest that i can muster, level red- just like our silly terror alert level. foul.

if you have never thrown up on a plane- well, let me tell you, you are missing nothing at all. now, forgive me as i end this post. i need to catch the stewardess to get another whiskey to settle my stomach.

i suppose the good news is that no one sitting next to me has ever known anyone to throw up on a plane, so we had a good laugh about it. how many people have ever been able to laugh over puke? i never have. and lately i have had a terrible vomit streak. that's like three times in less than a year, which is starkly different to the like ten year streak of no vomiting that i had going.

Ah, puking. I used to throw up at the slightest provocation throughout grade school, high school, and college (including several times in the classroom when I was a kid). In college, I had to go to the ER twice because I couldn't stop puking. One night sophomore year I threw up 15 times. Lisa Webster had to drive me to the hospital, and on the way there I remember her remarking that she smelled hot dogs. NOT a good thing to say to someone who's puking continuously.

puking sucks....unless your like "if i could only puke i would feel sooo much better!!!". bill, maybe you're allergic to chicken? anyway, you'd better just stick to the whiskey.

yes, coming from someone who never throws up- it is awful. i did feel better after throwing up- but that might have been due to the whiskey. i think.

from now on, chicken = satan's pet.

I puked on a plane once. On my way from our honeymoon. Dave said he wondered if it's morning sickness, and if I hadn't been busy at the time I probably would have hit him. (not what one wants to hear a week after getting married...)

I agreed with Frankie. You probably are allergic to chicken. Unless you keep having a psychosomatic response?

well, i usually do not consider myself to be psychosomatic. i mean- it isn't like it has been suggested to me before, that i hate chicken so much that i will resist eating it out of principle.

i just never liked eating it. how many other people eat things that they dislike. i have had better experiences with processed chicken. but not tons.

i have eaten it out of mere politeness, but like twice. and it was not a good idea. it is not like restraining from eating hot-dogs because they are not good for you and there are better things to eat- i just get sick from eating chicken.

guess i am just clearing the air. but even stil- how many people would rather not eat then rather eat something they truely despise? let alone something that upsets the tummy?

i know i can be a prick about guinness in a plastic cup, or food dripping in fat- but those are just pickiness. well, severe pickiness in the case of never drinking guinness out of a plastic cup. but chicken is a different matter.

Bill, the psychosomatic response comment was a bit of a jibe - a little poke in the ribs, if you will. I don't really believe that this is what occurs with you. The allergic thing might be real, though. Of course, you wouldn't LIKE eating chicken if it makes you react and gives you a tummy ache. And certainly, you don't have to eat chicken.

Didn't the flight attendants have something other than chicken??? I can't imagine how they couldn't have had some other alternative... but maybe not.

So how is the Czech Republic? Where are you staying?

well, that comment wasn't actually directed wholly to you, i rather thought you were joking. different people have said different things. and after i ate the chicken sandwich, i find out that they had an alternative- i didn't know that they had alternatives for food, i knew they did for drinks. but then again- they did have alternative foods on air india, so i was not thinking clearly i suppose. haha, hunger will do that.

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