23 December 2005


what have we done with innocence
it disappeared with time, it never made much sense
adolescent resident
wasting another night on planning my revenge

~foo fighters

as i was in need of change, and for those who thought it was hard enough to read this blog- it's gonna get worse! nah, not really. but, here is the new look. that's right, same ol crap, only this isn't brown.

moving on, moving on...

i am home now, hanging out with my old crew that knows me best. as some crazy, laughing like satan, someone never to be dared, does the oddest things ever, 'book of useless information' billy.

mike, kyle, and amanda came down to pick me up. it was everso nice of them. many funny things were said, for example:

kyle: billy, where are you sleeping to-nite
amanda: in my bed. wait- i meant i am sleeping in my bed. billy sleeps on the floor.

all fun and fun.

well, after we get home- what do we do? we rally up the troops and head to kelly's- the worst 'irish' bar ever. the only thing irish in there was me and enia (sp- i think there is an o in there too) (pronounced on-ya). either way- some kid i never recall meeting ever in my life said, 'sure i remember billy mckinstry- you seem way too calm though, you better crank it up a notch. i remember you being rowdy.' gosh- can't a guy just drink his gin in piece? maybe i don't want to burn the place down, maybe i just want to keep to myself.

happy christmas all. i here that there is a movie that needs watching. and a guinness that needs drinking.

20 December 2005

gas prices will soar... or will they?

one fish
two fish
red fish
blue fish

hey georgie- venezuela wants to make our oil company pay more for thier oil! what are you going to do about it? they are socialists too!!! we should invade- only to spread democracy of course, then we can work out the oil issue...

18 December 2005

moving onwards

what is the world, o soldiers?
it is i:
i, this incessant snow,
this northern sky;
soldiers, this solitude
through which we go
it is i.


another year down, another hilarious Christmas party done. this year i might have been a little silly. thankfully this year levi and frankie were there, a more enjoyable time. i won't lie- i stole the show again this year for a little while. but that is what i do in social settings, especially when there have been a drink involved. a couple of drinks... a few drinks... loads?

the next day i woke up like i usually do, on the floor with no covers because i kicked them off as i apparently run some sort of marathon in my sleep. well i rose, unlocked my door (high alert security mode ever since... well... i don't have to tell you what happened), and went to check the mail. and what was inside? "pray, tell- billy what was in the mail?"

and since you asked, i will tell you! in the mail was a yummy plate of cookies. my favorite kind, the peanut-butter cookies with the hershey's kiss on top. love 'em. those were sent by jeff and mary, a perfect couple up in rochester, ny that befriended me. then, the other package (that's right, i am most popular on saturdays) was from kyli, the high-tech, good lookin mac girl. she sent me some nice little products for the mac, and the end to my lack of great ac/dc tunes.

to-day i am in philly visiting kris and dave and rew. we saw the narnia movie and i enjoyed it quite much. i thought that if disney had a hand it in, it could get mega crappy mega quick. yet a delightful surprise. however, it was very hot inside. i took off my hoodie and then my overshirt, and if were weren't in such high society downtown philly- i would have taken off my undershirt.

oh, and good 'ol bush is finally admitting to some stuff, albiet months, years after the fact. lucas and i were talking, why is it that bush has not been subject to a huge investigation. in time perhaps.

long live the queen

10 December 2005

phone numbers

behind your sealed eyes you miss
all that i've done for you
will you catch me when i run?

if timing plays evident
what would you say when you're late?

coheed and cambria

to-nite i was at starbucks- yeah that's right, wanna fight? besdies, i get my best reading done there. most people just walk by, some stop to talk about whatever book it is that i am reading. on this particular of nights i was reading the wind and the willows, the problem of pain, and national geographic (november issue, so what if i'm a bit behind).

as anyone could tell you (ask lucas or matt), i get a little crazy with coffee. but for some reason i tend to control myself whilst at the coffee place, but then i read extremely quick, and become a bit nervy. to-nite though, i kept being interrupted by girls. no- i am not that guy who hides behind his book and stares. that creepy guy was two tables up- and he looked creepy too. the interruption came with phone numbers. two in two hours. makes a guy feel good.

problem: they looked to be about (and giggled enough) to be 17 at best. i don't call girls who are 17. and i guarantee when they find out i am 25, the good feeling will pass. why can't cute 20 something girls leave me their numbers?

06 December 2005

finally- there is some snow down here in quakertown

it may have been camelot for jack and jacqueline
but on the che guevara highway filling up with gasoline
fidel castro’s brother spies a rich lady who’s crying
over luxury’s disappointment
so he walks over and he’s trying
to sympathise with her but he thinks that he should warn her
that the third world is just around the corner

in the soviet union a scientist is blinded
by the resumption of nuclear testing and he is reminded
that dr robert oppenheimer’s optimism fell
at the first hurdle

in the cheese pavilion and the only noise i hear
is the sound of someone stacking chairs
and mopping up spilt beer
and someone asking questions and basking in the light
of the fifteen fame filled minutes of the fanzine writer

mixing pop and politics he asks me what the use is
i offer him embarrassment and my usual excuses
while looking down the corridor
out to where the van is waiting
i’m looking for the great leap forwards

jumble sales are organised and pamphlets have been posted
even after closing time there’s still parties to be hosted
you can be active with the activists
or sleep in with the sleepers
while you’re waiting for the great leap forwards

one leap forward, two leaps back
will politics get me the sack?

here comes the future and you can’t run from it
if you’ve got a blacklist i want to be on it

it’s a mighty long way down rock ’n roll
from top of the pops to drawing the dole

if no one seems to understand
start your own revolution and cut out the middleman

in a perfect world we’d all sing in tune
but this is reality so give me some room

so join the struggle while you may
the revolution is just a t-shirt away
waiting for the great leap forwards

~billy bragg

happy Christmas all.

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not much happening here. finally i found someone who is more able it the mac world than myself. surely i am not amazing, only just recently switching from pc, but she is, and cute to boot. let's see... something gross happened at the gym. i was lifting a heavier weight than usual, and i needed a spotter. levi natrually whimped out on my that day, so i asked the nearest guy who didn't seem like it was his first time at the gym. sadly, i picked the sweatiest guy there. he thankfully wiped off his face, but as i got to the end of my set, one drop of sweat hit me squarley (or circularly since it was a drop) between the eyes. gross.

about time for a new job too. i am looking like no one's business. i am tried of working where i am, it is not that great. plus- i am worth more.

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