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i feel the distance standing here next to you
i don't want to keep you waiting,
but i've been waiting too
some day if i get there
and you still want me too
we can see it through
~evan and jaron

the other day i was in wencleslas square. just looking about. it is really nice. and when i get my camera all charged up- i will take pictures of it and post them about. but the pipe is nice. the british store owner told me that it was hand carved- he gave me a great deal too. the pipe is a stansislav. a name from this side of the world for sure.

the pipe reminds me of chaplain russel who used to call me pip. what fun. i called him chappy once. that night he threw me into four guys walking behind us in pearce hall. what a guy.


We need more posts (not to be too demanding.) I hope things are going well for you. I'm praying the you find a good job there. Let us know how things are going. : )


well, things are going well. however- more differntly than you thought. i am returning to the states. more posts- i promise.

hold your horses. to-night i went out with the boys. and it was very fun. i bought a round for 200 krouns, which is $10.oo. but stay tuned!

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