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on the plane

soaring at a wonderful 38000 ft

what a day! rew and i made the trek from down off of my mountain to spend the night in town. up & atom (raineer wolfcastle) at eight o'clock was i. beep beep was rew and his alarm on rapid snooze. ten o'clock found us again on the road- to the bank to cash a check, to ross's house so that i can give ross $11.00 and leave a ridiculous note, then off to n.y.c.

all was well until we were about ten minutes, or less, from jfk. then traffic was at a crawl. i am abso-bloody-lutely no good at standstill traffic. but perhaps it was knowing that i was in the midst of fine company, or perhaps because of God- i was behaved.

rew took part of my flight ritual, which is to have a pint before take-off. then we awaited the plane.

onto the plane- the indian couple sitting in the same three seat row i was about to get into got up and left. apparently on 'air india' i am the terrorist. so i was alone. rew booked his flight later than i, and therefore had a different seat. no biggie- billy is a big boy now!

a little bit later an indian man came to sit with me. he was quite talkative, however his english needs much improvement. i talked to him as much as i could while at the same time writing emails that i cannot send. thanks to him i learned something about international flights. Johnny Walker red is free. at least three glasses of it...

then meals came round. my next-to passenger informed me of what i was eating. i noticed that he was not eating the mutton that i was eating. then i remembered, there is nothing more at peace then a hindu cow.

ahh... all this while flying high at 38,000 feet at 603 miles per hour.

oh... and it is -49 degrees out.

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  • i'm billiam
  • from prague, Czechia
  • where capital letters have been executed! let's see... i really dislike sunny days. i love precipitation of all kinds. snow is my favorite. i wish that it could be no more than fifty degrees fahrenheit, and clouds covering the sky. i enjoy friends and beer- in that order. i dislike wearing shirts. my random thoughts and unanswerable questions keep me up at night. when i sleep i have dreams; long epic dreams. i believe that it is important to be fit in mental, physical, and emotional capacities. any food worth eating should be as organic as possible, without additives that have letters p, k, x, c, h in close proximity without vowels. save a cow- eat a vegetarian.
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