18 March 2006

O'Verien McBrotzman

happy second birthday billy!

another birthday done. such a great time was had, i am sure, by all. from work i hopped on a train and met dave at the station. from there we met up with jameson, then went to get kris, and then went out. everyone packed into roosevelt's. teddy, not his four wheeling relative frankie (vroom). sadly, our first round came in plastic cups. now, perhaps i am becoming a snobby beer connoisseur, but beer does not belong in a plastic cup. unless of course it is coors, bud, genny, natty ice, or any other crappy popular american beer.

being Irish, i decided to test my luck, which i have a lot of. and why not- luck can only last a lifetime if you die young, or- if you are me. our waitress was an attractive girl whose only green attire (that i could see) was her bra strap. she, like the other female waitresses had to wear a black uniform of pants and tank-top. i asked her if we could see some glasses for our pints, if for anything, i know that the glass holds more than the plastic cup and both are the same price. next round, and any after for that matter, came in a pint glass. and at the end of the night, i pulled off a perfect 'kiss me, i'm Irish' with her.

verien met up with us a bit later in the night. it was great to see him, funny guy. in fact, if i may say so, our side was the funnier side as it had verien, jameson and myself. and the funniest part of the night came from our side. apparently verien is more Irish than we know. his apt Irish name is mcbrotzman, o'verien mcbrotzman. hilarious. (if you are mexican, you will not get the joke, so here is a hint- think of the cancer.)

much to the surprise of some, i took it very easy. i had no more than six pints, and then dave and i topped it off with some funny videos and scotch. it just may be that my heavier nights are done. yet, i will not lie, if we go to Europe, or canada again, i will apologize in advance.

to add, if you think of it:
i have been thought of by someone (who obviously just met me) as extremely professional. either way, they work for the government, and is trying to see if he can get me a job. and i didn't even ask. so if it crosses your mind- pray that that door will open.

12 March 2006

long time no?

well, cut me a break if you can. i have been a bit busy, mostly at work.

currently i am in florida spending time at a theological convention and hanging out with roland. naturally i took a plane, and so naturally i partook in my new flying ritual (local airport bar). surely i do not drink that often or that much anymore- however i have my fare share of great and humorous stories that tie into them. just ask if you ever want to know.

this last meeting with roland was excellent. it was just what i needed i suppose. sometimes i keep the clarity of my life from others. so i am sure that i seem to come off a bit of a riddle. rew and i talked about punishments for crimes, and does it always fit (noting different punishments in different countries too), but it got me to thinking about some of my own stunts.

rew is right; working backwards:

i should not have the job that i have
i should not have recieved my diploma
i sholuld have been expelled
i should never have made it out of high school
i should be dead.

and this is not because i am so crafty, nor so smart that i do not get caught. at least not on that at all. rew suggested that i rely to heavily on the grace of others. actually i rely on the grace of God, because i would be ever so careless to rely on the grace of others.

moving on- i met a girl on a plane. it was great, every question was out of the way. get the important stuff out of the way before hand. save yourself the trouble of dating the girl for four months before finding out the girl is not worth it. either way her name is ... well, her sister's name is billy jean.

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