28 March 2007


stand up don't make a sound
your ears might bleed
there are sweet fluorescent enemies
that live inside of me
the world moves faster than i knew
not fast enough to not creep up on you
and the space we put between
so pull me under your weather patterns
your cold fronts and the rain don't matter
because the sun burns what i needed

~something corporate

so i made it back to new york. oneonta vw took $1,000 to take my car back. hooray! then nick picked me up and took me the rest of the way to middleburgh. on my way up- i totally was doing 75 in a 55 and a po-po just cruised by. so i didn't bother slowing down- i mean, the copper already knew.

now i am at ross'. and my left ear will not pop. it is very annoying. we have a few good pints here too. come on over. to-morrow i have a meeting at 9 am. free breakfast. that guy does not know how much i eat. poor guy.

22 March 2007

outta here

hand out the window
floating on air
just a flick of the wrist
and i am waiving you goodbye
~dashboard confessional

i am still unpacked and unready to go. but i got to see some folks before i went. get your hits in now- cause monday…

i suppose it is not a full cuss word since the man's head covers most of the 'u'. but either way- i am out of here soon enough. sadly- norway is out. they will not let me stay long enough to learn the language fluently. but the czech republic will. and i can stay for free in a few places. what fun!

last night the work peeps took me out to the abbaye. and i love the abbabye. it has a dartboard that is never in use, and it has some most wonderful beer. dave and kris came out too, and my friend bob. and my girlfriend stefanie. yes- she is a real girl! and no- she is not mexican. but she is great. many people from the store came too. it was a most enjoyable time.

so i am seeing as many people as i can before i go. makes sense no? to-morrow i get to play with bailey. he is such a good dog. then off to new york.

whilst in new york, you can find me in albany for a few days. from thursday until monday you can find me in rochester. more than likely at the old toad. a great british pub, a pub that has not been topped yet; but then again, the pretentious badger has not opened yet either.

from rochester it is back to albany for a day or so, and then to manhatten with rew. then england, and then further.

when should i pack?

03 March 2007

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