19 October 2006

Stolen Flesh

Stolen Flesh, originally uploaded by ethiopboy.

this happened the previous year. and i have a scar for that too. if i ever forget canada- all i need to do is look at my body for the scars. man does that country suck, outside of not using real money.

nice cut

nice cut, originally uploaded by ethiopboy.

not sure if this is two or three days after the lake got me. but it healed really fast. no more scabs, just scars. what woman would want me now? ruined!

17 October 2006


we stayed a long, long time
but i am not afraid to die
to see you, to meet you
to see you at last.
~sufjan stevens.

once again canada proved itself useful. rew and andrew went up first, followed by dave and kris, then matt, jonathan, nate and myself as we completed the members of this fine american team.

the car ride up was fun. matt, being eco-friendly, has a fun new honda civic hybrid. as tradition has it, i drove most of the way to canada. oddly enough we were passed by three cars. and i passed two of them at a later point. i drive a standard, so a few times after we got gas i forgot that i was not driving my car and pressed hard on the brakes, thinking it was the clutch. lots of fun conversations took place. this year, unlike one year, we missed the bus completely. it was moved. and this time i was ready, instead of taking a ninety-degree turn at eighty-four kilometers/hour, i crept into it a lot slower. thanks boys.

gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna gonna buy me a rainbow, buy me a rainbow.

croquet was not played as much this year, both games played were won by rew. congratulations. there was a good amount of soccer volleying going on, with some awesome saves involving someone running headlong down a hill before the water swallowed up the ball. one time i went to get the soccer ball from the water. i did my classy dive right into some rocks. when i surfaced, my hands were chopped up, and my right bosom was letting a fair amount of blood issue forth. and the water was cold.

cocce (crotchy) was a success once again. i am afraid that i cannot recall winners for this sport, but i do know that rew was thoroughly against whoever was in first place. the bugs were a bit vicious, and rew started running about suggesting to the bugs that they should, 'try my tasty friends.'

remy's did not disappoint. darts were thrown, pints were drunk, food was eaten, and conversations abound. the teahouse was sadly closed. however, the tangled garden offered us a spot for breakfast, and american music. and nate saw dustin hoffman, or a dustin hoffman look-a-like, which oddly enough is an annual tradition in westport canada the week of canadian thanksgiving.

after kirs and dave, matt, nate, and johnathan left, us boys headed down to find a new town. the town of perth was of our choosing and is a great town. we were instantly captivated by bibblewick’s. but bibblewick’s disappointed us by being closed. the red fox, of across the street, offered us some amount of dinner and a table for three. the next night biblewicks was open. what a grand place. many darts were thrown, and many games played. it was just like remy's. fish and chips were buy one get one free. yummy. the next night remy's disappointed us- stupid dog. we then went back to bibblewick's and threw more darts. andrew asked the cute barkeep to marry him, but apparently roller-bladers are as uncool up there as they are down here.

hey ya. hey ya. hey ya. hey ya. you think you got it, oh you think you got it. but got it just don't get it till there's nothing left at all. (the somber and ever serious version by matt weddie).

when we got back to the cottage, andrew attacked me. then rew attacked me. then both of them were attacking me. the brawl ended with rew putting my head into a rock. that's right, billy the nice guy minds his own business and gets blitz krieg-ed. so now i have cuts on my right boob, and my hands, and back of my head. the scars abound. if i knew that going to canada was just an invitation to an ass kicking, i would have stayed home. who am i kidding? i would have went.

thanks friends.

p.s. thanks rew for the birthday invitation.

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