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nice cut

nice cut, originally uploaded by ethiopboy.

not sure if this is two or three days after the lake got me. but it healed really fast. no more scabs, just scars. what woman would want me now? ruined!

It looks like you were fighting whit big bear and not just jumping to the lake. You are such a crazy boy:-}

lake? no- it was a bear. a big bear.

Dont know..I though just russian people are fighting whit big bears!

yes, but they win, i lost.

that looks wicked painful

it hurt the day after, mostly when i laughed. but second day after it didn't hurt at all.
i need to show the update- plain scars.

you know, if the scars come out right, you could probably tell people you were attacked by a wild animal, like a bobcat or something.

chicks dig dudes who've survived wild animal attacks.

i am sticking with, "i was back-handed by a bear" story.

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