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celtic fest serves tullamore dew?

well, you know i never meant to hurt no one
but i've got a knack for getting things undone
and i've got a way of ruining your fun
all the time

two out of three days at the celtic fest is pretty good. and what a time. both days were overcast and cool, with a good breeze. add that with pint, some fish and chips, shepperds pie and some bagpipes- and it is like heaven came down for a few hours. and then i thought of a great quote: '
God made beer because he loves us and wants us to be happy,' ben franklin.

to-day, while walking about i stumbled accross something that perhaps should not have been. apparently some marketing guy at tullamore dew has lost his mind. they were giving away free shots of tullamore Irish whiskey. why, oh why?!?! did they not know what group of people they were giving it too? give a bunch of Irish folk whiskey and it is like 1522 all over agian. then i found out it was only one shot per person. the girl behind the bottle was really pretty. so three shots later, i decided to keep on walking.

on the way back to the car i felt odd that i should feel buzzed. but then started to add things up- two or three pints and three shots of tullamore dew= yup, glad i didn't drive.

"Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress requires them are not really progress at all, but just terrible things."

-- Russell Baker

way to go, billy: no excuses


are you suggesting that i am terrible? because i am not sure that a half croc/alligator is really progress.

i was feeling silly...something my dad and i used to say to each other when he left for the navy base every morning and we lived in Levittown, not far from Quakertown.

"see ya later, alligator..."

"In a while, crocodile..."

You keep changing your template, and I was just seeing how've you been doing... I think about you every time I see Nagin set the city of New Orleans back.

ahh, hello again, johanna. i was thinking of some half croc/alligator able to go into any water and enjoy shore time causing a menace. but now i see you, able to go into any water and enjoying shore time, perhaps causing a menace. just with smaller teeth.

i do change my template lately. i am trying to find the right one. some only show on safari, some only on firefox. i would like it on both.

very kind, but haven't my teeth always been small?

huh. i thought it was just a general restlessness behind the template changing. i liked the star picture that was up, even if it's not as you as what you've got here.

funny how differently you respond to people when you realize who you're talking to...i left an anon before once: it wasn't very good.

what's the difference between safari and firefox (if i hadn't started using statcounter, I wouldn't even know what these were)...?

i like the firefox. tabs are brilliant. and the built in search engine bar.

btw, billiam, my website is www.geocities.com/levirstahl

safari is the browser for macs, and firefox is a browser for everyone- but like i said, the one template i used didn't work for firefox, or explorer. so i got rid of it- it was my favorite too.

thanks, levi. i hope that link is to your favorite virus.

hey bill. you'll be in town thurs right? when are you leaving for canada? maybe we'll see ya? we have to be away for the weekend though. i'm sure levi told you already. hope all is well!

yes, i will be there thursday night (11 pm) until friday at about 6. i dunno if that is doable or not.

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