31 December 2006


"better go back at once," i thought, as if the horses
were summoning me to the return journey, yet i
permitted the patient's sister, who faniced that i
was dazed by the heat, to take my fur coat from me.
~franz kafka

so there i was, defending a merciless attack from the united states. it was a most brutal and relentless attack. first alberta fell, then quebec, then ontario. the u.s. attacked from the east and the west. the terrible red spread itself like a weed up from the south, surging up from argentina. we fought over alberta, like tyrants do; alberta changed back and forth so many times it was like the middle east. my army could not hold any longer, the red was just too busy handing its eight-year-olds WMD; something my army would never allow. my scouts alerted me to another push northward from the united states (from the newly formed army of south america) i left was armies i could in alaska and brought my forces westward to kamchatka. if i could not have north america, i would advance fearlessly into asia.

the red (mostly comprised of dirty mexicans) witnessed heavy losses while undertaking their overthrow of the rest of n.a. ontario and quebec had chopped the s.a army in half. we did what we could, but the reds finally destroyed my forces in alaska. the bitter cold that my people were used to had little effect on those dirty spics. news reached my ears that europe was advancing on egypt and north africa. north africa was also having a time, as it was being attacked also from the west by the army of s.a. small carrier pigeons carried the news that the middle east had changed hands from europe and africa so many times it was hard to tell if it was a sovereign state at all. once or twice it was also occupied by the asians, and most notably by the australians (who had talked of taking over the middle east only for fun!). by the time my army lost alaska, australia's light was beginning to wane, asia was becoming too powerful.

i received word by messenger bears from siberia that europe was attacking from all fronts (it most be noted that siberian messenger bears were not as friendly as the alaskan ones). europe, after breaking into africa (mostly for slave trade profits), also removed the asian armies in the middle east, india and then the australian armies that occupied siam. without more then a second thought europe wiped out the armies of australia (who put up a very weak fight).

however forceful europe's spread was, all the more was asia's. asia exploded into the ukraine and then south through siam and further into australia, leaving europe clinging onto iceland and scandinavia to the north. with africa fully occupied by the s.a. army (as well as all of n.a.), the rest of the world was ready to fall.

the south american army pushed through alaska and forced my army to surrender in kamchatka. we then learned that they pushed down from greenland into europe bringing total annihilation. then they spread east forcing asia to hold onto australia alone. it was about this time (as told to me from the squidy messengers) that the last african stronghold in (of all places) japan had finally given up it's territory to the ever forward advancement of the s.a. army.

after spreading itself so thin, the s.a. army reluctantly held it's position just outside of new guinea, leaving west and east australia to play with their boomerangs in peace. i give this up to the s.a. army's laziness (as i am still believe that it is largely comprised of dirty mexicans.

15 December 2006

because it is me

maybe i caught you at a bad time.
maybe i should call you back next week.
maybe half the fault was mine that
the sun didn't shine on barrington street.


i am finally moved in to the new place. everything has a spot. books in the bookshelf, clothes in the dresser. some on the floor. they like it there. i started going to a new gym too. there is almost no one there. and a funny thing happened to me.

i like going to the gym. i get to work-out, get frustration and extra energy out, and i get stronger. and that is where the funny thing happened. while at the gym, i made a voice message for myself on my phone. then i played it. i think it is most hilarious that i appear to be a stronger looking guy- and i sound like a girl. it is quite a high voice- on the recording anyways. who knew?

01 December 2006

thoughts of heresy?

i thought you said that you'd come find me
i thought you said you'd be home by now
i heard you sing that you'd come back here
so i wrote to remind you somehow

i have been having thoughts lately. thoughts that in some eyes would make me a heretic. but what do you do? as i read my bible, it tells of God being shocked, and at other times changing his mind. but i know that some would say that every last thing is known to God. but how can this be? i mean- sometimes God used other nations to punish israel, and was then upset because that nation went too far; God was shocked. this tells me that not everything is set in stone.

i don't think that this makes God less omniscient- his will will be done. however it seems that we Christians are allowed to help carry that will out. it encourages me to know that God who can do whatever he wants, is willing to let someone as small as me to be a genuine part of it.

i understand the heretical part of this- but i do not know how else to justify the parts of the bible of God changing his mind, and even being shocked.

long time no see

and i swear to the the stars
i'll burn this whole city down
~the decemberists

where have i been, you ask. i will tell you. i have been spending way too much time at work. and moving. and working. i am praying for a big ass bonus.

i saw a bumper sticker to-day. "if you are reading this, thank a teacher. if you are reading this in english thank a soldier."


they are not fighting an invasion, they are invading.

what else... oh- i have a bed now. i went from one extreme- sleeping on the floor, to the other extreme- sleeping about two feet from the ceiling. yup, that's what i do.

for thanksgiving i went with rew to dave and kris' house. and andy and andrew were there. and so were parents. not mine. it was almost no good. some of the boys felt terrible after having some mead. not me- my stomach will take anything but chicken and mushrooms. it loves beer. but i ate as much as i could, and i think i did a good job.

after thanksgiving, it was just a nice slow day with rew. nice slow day with a good friend to make a day good.

well... that is it.

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