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long time no see

and i swear to the the stars
i'll burn this whole city down
~the decemberists

where have i been, you ask. i will tell you. i have been spending way too much time at work. and moving. and working. i am praying for a big ass bonus.

i saw a bumper sticker to-day. "if you are reading this, thank a teacher. if you are reading this in english thank a soldier."


they are not fighting an invasion, they are invading.

what else... oh- i have a bed now. i went from one extreme- sleeping on the floor, to the other extreme- sleeping about two feet from the ceiling. yup, that's what i do.

for thanksgiving i went with rew to dave and kris' house. and andy and andrew were there. and so were parents. not mine. it was almost no good. some of the boys felt terrible after having some mead. not me- my stomach will take anything but chicken and mushrooms. it loves beer. but i ate as much as i could, and i think i did a good job.

after thanksgiving, it was just a nice slow day with rew. nice slow day with a good friend to make a day good.

well... that is it.

you are moving? from quakertown?

i'm glad you had a good thanksgiving. i guess dave and kris' house is coming along.

yes, i am 6 minutes away from work now- yippie

we'll have to come visit your humble abode.
where did "humble abode" come from? anyway, if i don't hear from you before christmas....have a good one.
speaking of which, what is your new address? um, you can send that via my e-mail...of course :)

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