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how to ruin your talk with a girl

i am fairly agile
i can bend and not break
or i can break and take it with a smile.

i usually do not ruin my chances with a girl by talking to her- but i do for other people. for example to-day, at work, rich was talking to a woman who works next door. i have no clue what they were talking about, but i know what they will be talking about, if they do ever talk again.

i could not help but yell out, "hey smallwood (his last name- terrible really... richard smallwood... put it together now... there you go- you got it.), put your hemeroide cream away when you are done with it! i was trying to make a sandwich and i almost used that thinking it was the mustard!" good times.

he gave the stupid face, wondering if she heard. oh- she heard. sometimes my voice- like my devilish laugh, carries far. i just hope for his sake that he does not want to start a prank war. because i guarantee that he will quit before i am done, though i will not be malicious. but when a prank war has started i never tire of new ideas, and i will get up early or stay up late to see them through- for days on end. just ask roberts' wesleyan college.

other news: my passport came in. i have the visa form from the royal norwegian consulate. priced out some great deals to norway- allowing naturally for a few pints in ireland an england. just need to find a place to stay- look into getting a job, perhaps a norwegian class or two, and find a rich hot norwegian girl- and i will be set.

see if you can find me a rich hot norweigan girl while you're at it.

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