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'wipe that smile off your face'

but i feel the gravel move beneath my feet
the smell of the gasoline mixed in with the trees
when my faith is strong i know my strength
the threats will be screamed when the vultures feel threatened

~rocky votolato

to-day i am getting a passport. new picture too. i even shaved, first time in two weeks. not that anyone could tell. i am the worst facial hair growing irishman i know. yesterday i was pouring through old photographs to see if any of them could be used for my passport, and i noticed two things: in most of the photos i am smiling, and i look exactly the same as my last year in high-school.

however, since the photographs with burnt in images of me show myself smiling, i need a new picture. england does not accept anymore passports with smiling faces. either does canada. sourpusses. something about biometric scanning and photo doctoring- neither of which i have, i am as healthy as a bow legged ox. but i tell you what i do have: a new pair of socks. i should use a picture of those new bad boys for my secondary picture.

customs: name...
me: socks, socks mckinstry. i know, i know- it is a bad picture, i tried really hard not to smile.

but my flight will be to england- under $300, then i go up north and take the ferry across. or just take another plane, i have not made up my mind. therefore i need a passport without my pearly whites. and why is it pearly? why not eggshell, or off-white, or ultrawhite, or even dingy, stained, discoloured white? maybe the perly reminds them of the ocean. so then i cannot show off my salty-whites.

I ferried across. Actually from France to England, then from Wales to Ireland. I got a little seasick, mainly from my friends and I leaping into the 100 mph crosswind at the precise moment the ferry dipped off the crest of a wave, making it seem like we could jump 10 feet in the air and 20 feet backward with ease. I effectively overcame the sick feeling by taking a nap.

i read that there is a large ferry that goes to norway from sweeden, i might do that. and to cure sea-sickness, i will probably use my normal cure-all remedy: guinness.

get your passport? you are leaving in april, right?

as the plan goes. passport in a bit, then i wait for the visa

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