19 May 2006

fun stuff

passing white daisies, taking turns
all those evenings on the back deck of our first apartment
they meant everything but the wind just carried them off
and you can’t go back now, just a passing moment gone

~rocky votolato

i have been a part of many funny things lately. for example, only moments ago i was at gymies. it was normal. only this time, when i went to do the abdominal workout, the room was full of bass thumps and the ear piercing voice of gewn stefani (is that just a variation of 'stephanie'?). some guy wearing the richard simmons outfit was getting ready to start an aerobics class. he asked if it was anyone's first time, and naturally i have to raise my hands to these questions. it's like slapping someone five when they raise their hand, and they both get fun laughs.

i got to go home last weekend- and it was a blast. my friend dan-O is going through a divorce, which is normally bad- but this is actually good for him. i never got to hang out with him when they were married. so he came out with me for a party in oneonta. the party- oddly enough, was for me. no sooner do i show up and i hear my friend nick yell at the top of his lungs, 'mckinstry's here!' the party was mostly college kids that i did not know. about two hours into the party... the po-pos came. hooray! for some reason everyone goes to the top floor of the house into the bedrooms. naturally i went down stairs- i love talking to cops, and i am 25, what would they do? i was sober and bought nothing (as i should not have, really the party was for me).

the cops told me to get rid of everyone because there had been a noise complaint called in. i mentioned that if he listened carefully enough that the house was dead quiet, and that the only noise was coming from the house next door- full of drunken college kids. after he threatened to arrest me, and after i laughed at him (there was no reason for me to be arrested, i did not live there, i did not buy anything, and i am older than i look). then he asked me with a 'please' to get everyone out. so i did, as nice as i am to most pigs. and after i found my friend dan, i had to tell him that there was no reason to run from the cops, as he is 23.

fun times. freakin cops.

oh... and we chased deer down the streets. and the whole time i was sober.

01 May 2006

hepatitis p

naturally this spring shouldn't be like any other that i have not been able to enjoy. just about every year i get skin herps. they itch like nothing i could ever get over. this is the first time i have ever had a case of poison ivy, but the remedy is nevertheless the same, so excuse me while i itch for about ten minutes and burn the new wounds with good ol' fashioned clorox.

i miss you winter

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