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damn sammys

such fragile moments we share
you are my everything
even with nothing to say
~ city and colour

so, here in prague now. and while i was in the city i noticed that there are almost no building lower than four stories. some are being renovated and or restored. seems a shame that in the u.s. we have the technology to make great older looking buildings, but we never seem to do it that way. wonder why.

áš is a kind person. we get along well. we are both funny. (i know what you are thinking, yes i think i am very funny. i said it before, and i will say it again- i am the funniest person i know). when i first got into the apartment, he showed me the living room which had a bed in it, and he said, "here you go, billy. this is our bed." now, i did not want to seem impolite as i looked at the not so large bed. and he said, "haha, just kidding." that was a good one. he actually gave me the biggest room and the biggest bed. too kind.

lukáš reminds me a lot of a friend i used to have in college. brian bartz was his name. if any of you (not all of you of course) remember him, he was skinny and funny. we used to hang out a lot. and, let us just say, we do not hang out anymore, nor will we ever again. good luck to him though. but if i see him again, i will deff knock him out.

moving on...

i bought a beer the other day for 7 krouns. that is 30¢. if that were in the states most college kids would fail out. or their liver would give half way through their life. that is not to say that people here do not abuse it, i am sure that there are some who do. beer is cheaper than water here. gas at one time used to be cheaper than water in the states. gas is wicked expensive here, but the cars get better gas mileage. there is no need to own huge gas guzzling behemoths out here. in fact- we cannot complain about the price of gas. especially those of us who drive the exceptionally large cars.

i went took some pics of the very old monastery. i have some pics, you can find them, and more, here. sorry, i meant here. that first one is just a picture of a hamster. the pics came out all right. most of them are sepia- all nostalgic like. that way i can say i took them in 1852. i am sure someone will buy that. someone... anyone... no?

most people are quite friendly to this little foreigner. and apparently they like my accents. but sorry ladies, i am already taken. but thanks for thinking of me. speaking of taken- my every so nice girlfriend shipped to me a box full of shorts, some moleskines (definitely worth it), and some other things. see it is hot over here. 23ºc is shorts weather. any hotter and i will suddenly catch fire. spontaneously combust. but i could not take my shorts- i only had so much room. thanks stefanie!

oh- and for damn sammys, that is what i am telling people over here is the perfect way to insult an american. uncle sam... sammys. the people i tell it to get a good laugh. as do i. rew and i came up with that while in scotland. i could not even begin to recall the conversation to which i blurted that gem out, but then again, i say a lot of odd things at odd times. sort of like that hamsters link. or this one (thanks matt).

this is my new favorite picture

but my pleasure is doubled, because i can also look forward to the next time i'm in military company and generals' names, etc., are being tossed around and i can say, "yeah, but we may have never had that problem...if only Schwarzkoff had been half the soldier that Nils Olav was..."

my mind just segwayed (sp) into a double mint commercial. a really funny one.

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