27 September 2005


dark clouds and crisp winds
send the message
autumn now begins
t. de a.

if you look here, someone decided to rant. don't get me wrong- ranting can be fun. but this is terrible. it starts with perhaps a quote?
'No country is more than three meals away from a revolution. This truism...'
hand brake comes on, my eyes do a quick reverse powerslide 180. i believe that i like all words that have an -ism at the end, it helps to encompass an idea. but i hate 'truism'. and is this true?

'We will pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and carry on in a way that shows why we are where we are in the world'
and how is it that we are 'where we are'? it seems to me that we stopped being hardworking, and now we are just in debt up to our great-grandchildren eyeballs.

'The US may have taken a few hard shots lately, but we will not wait for the rest of the world to bail us out (it is doubtful they would anyway - it is always our job to bail them out).'

'We will not sit around and wait for the world to come to our rescue. We will not complain that the amount of aid offered is too small and demand more'
. -that's the arrogance we're looking for.

well, read it as you wish. i am rather disgusted that this hooligan is representing my country.

and for the next one...

'When the mandatory evacuation was announced, the government knew that several thousand poor people could not afford to leave the city. So, instead of taking them in buses out to higher land, they decided to herd them like cattle into the Superdome.'
well, the egineer said the building was structurally sound, cost effective, and didn't these people not want to leave in the first place? and i recall reading in the news that many who went to the superdome wanted to stay there.

'The city of New Orleans has about 75% of its people living below the poverty line. No one ever hears about that, all we see is Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras.'

right. and that occurs in other states too. there are states that are producing many new jobs, perhaps this is just me- but if i were poor and i could move to get a better job, or even a job, i would. i do not believe that these people were sooooooooo poor that they could not go 100 miles or so out of the way of the hurricane.

'I believe if this disaster occurred in an area with a majority of white middle-class citizens, the response would have been much quicker.'

would it? with most of our help overseas, would it? if someone tells me mack truck it coming to crash right into my house- i leave. should the u.s. have a stockpile of canned food, blankets, shelter, and oil stockpiled for every emergency ever known? stockpile for volcanoe (mt. st. helen's), earthquake (california), etc... i feel we would not have the room.

everywhere you live you are more at risk for certain things. if you live in cali and think you will never witness an earthquake- that you will be fine, you are a moron. people in florida know that hurricane's hit that area. people in kansas know about tornadoes.

i am not saying anyone deserves this- but i believe they knew the risks, and heeded not to the warnings. it takes time to mount a huge relief effort after such a disaster, not seconds.

23 September 2005

globes, maps, and loose women

quiet is the change
renders autumn

and no one detects
'til it is too late
~t de a

...did when thinking of mapping out my life. but can you map a journey like life? linear movements are just lines, no? i know little cartographers, and little of them like straight lines, but perhaps you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. and is 'life mapping' any different from 'life planning'? mapping leaves one to go in one direction only; plans can be subject to change. within the same note, to reach the goal, in which the map is intended for, might one find a supplemental route? though it seems probable- maps typically have but one set of directions or route to follow. so yes, i suppose that they are different indeed.

with that in mind, it seems better to plan out life, rather than map it and limit your direction. unless of course you have only one desire. as it has be said, though, the world cares not for man- it makes no exceptions for him. which is where planning comes in. plans can help one rebound to find an alternate way to meet his goals. maps can involve too much idle time (and we all know what happens when some of us (me) are left to be idle) waiting for the right moment before one can go on. instead of waiting, changing the plan will allow one to keep moving, perhaps learn something new.

i suppose one could map his life to the present, but that just seems like one long continual straight line, an insufferable chore. perhaps better is a book detailing trumped versions of what really happened. and then he could be famous.

some people have maps that lead them to buried treasure. i have a plan to make the best peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwhich i have had in weeks. think of me if you find riches.

12 September 2005


some people have braces.
some people have headgear.

fran could play linebacker for the raiders.

if anyone (except mexican's, foreign diplomats, anonymous commenter telling me about body jewelry, and people with the middle name 'noel') knows anything at all about the 'rosetta stone' language programme, please tell me. for some odd (recurring theme in my life) reason i am thinking of learning the language of norway. i mean why not? i think i might see about going there at some point as well, if the Lord allows me to live so long.
i think it would be nice to learn how to say phrases like, "the cow with it's back legs on land isn't fully on the ice," in norwegian. or american sayings like, "take this job and shove it."

i doubt i will enjoy the music- though i do love this little song that i have that plays in the background of this flash-video of a bunny destroying the british parliament and its head turning into margaret thatcher's. outside of that i have no real taste for the music. but what an experience, no?

all of this because i read about their great living situation. just fantastic. and what temperature! highest average temp is just about 70! decisions, decisions.

04 September 2005

just don't dare me- ever!


01 September 2005

care to dance?

so picture this face
and burn it to flame
to shelter it at home
at the fire place
and all the memory will fade
with the flick of the flame
~coheed and cambria

to-day i noticed something. want to know what that something is? dancing, and bad dancing at that. it has become apparent that the more music videos i see, the more i notice that people can sing- but they sure as heck cannot dance. (note that the only reason that i watch music videos is because that is the only thing on the t.v.s when i am at the gym)

of no particular order. the names that are in caps share the same heritage as myself- that's right i show favoritism!

Dolores ORiordan (the cranberries)
david lee roth (van halen)
deborah harry (blondie)
michael stipe (rem)
steven tyler (aerosmith)
axl rose (guns and roses)
robert plant (led zeppelin)

the list could go on, but i am rather amazed that these folks even try to dance. though it would make a weird video if they didn't i supposes. but then again, lots of music videos are devoid of dancing.

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