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some people have braces.
some people have headgear.

fran could play linebacker for the raiders.

if anyone (except mexican's, foreign diplomats, anonymous commenter telling me about body jewelry, and people with the middle name 'noel') knows anything at all about the 'rosetta stone' language programme, please tell me. for some odd (recurring theme in my life) reason i am thinking of learning the language of norway. i mean why not? i think i might see about going there at some point as well, if the Lord allows me to live so long.
i think it would be nice to learn how to say phrases like, "the cow with it's back legs on land isn't fully on the ice," in norwegian. or american sayings like, "take this job and shove it."

i doubt i will enjoy the music- though i do love this little song that i have that plays in the background of this flash-video of a bunny destroying the british parliament and its head turning into margaret thatcher's. outside of that i have no real taste for the music. but what an experience, no?

all of this because i read about their great living situation. just fantastic. and what temperature! highest average temp is just about 70! decisions, decisions.

i dunno - there are lots of good norwegian bands like kings of convenience and... um... jimi hendrix.

kings of convenience is enough...

...any other great norwegian band be a bonus.

but wasn't jimi born in seattle? i mean, so was i- and if i started a band- i wouldn't consider it a scottish one.

wasn't a-ha norwegian?

that's just an urban legend. do your homework and you'll find that hendrix is from oslo. along with lynyrd skynyrd.


boy ryan, i wish your middle name was 'noel'

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