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why i am the devil part ii

and i am throwing away
the letters that i am writing you
cause they would never do
i would never do, never.
~dashboard confessional

after a near accident, if i ever call a certain friend- she might not answer. i have called my friend kate a few times just to see what is going on in her life and yack, yack, yack. most times she is on the road. and recently i have been informed by her that she feels hexed by my phone calls.

of the last three phone calls- bad things have happened. and two of those calls are from the same day. the first one ended with her spending some amount of money to pay for a ticket after an on duty cop flickered his mighty 'i am the law' power.

second and third time went like this. i called, her car over-heats. she tells me that she has to go and to call her back in a few minutes. and i do call her back- only to have her hang-up instantly. so i figured that she will call me back when she is ready to apologize for being a most terrible friend.

only when she calls, she tells me that i am the terrible friend! me, the nice guy who calls just to say hello, not calling cause he is bored- called for the hello. then she tells me that as soon as she saw my name she thought twice about picking up- and then she did and so did her car hood. so she hung up on me to save her life. and called me back just to let me know that i am satan. what a friend.

I don't know. On the grand scale that is the heirarchy of name calling, Satan isn't really all that bad. As opposed to, say, some minor demon. Or Dan Quayle.

haha. if i were to be called dan quayle- i'd rather like the nickname of the latin for california valley quail-

callipepla californica

just call me callipepla!

I took a poll today, breifly, and it was unanimous: people would rather be called Satan than Dan Quayle. Just thought you'd like to know...callipepla.

you know what- i am asking at work to-morrow about it. i am going to ask anyone i know if they would rather be called 'callipepla' or 'dan quayle'. i know i am ommitting satan- but what is the name satan compared to callipepla?

I think with stating the following, one of my favorite phrases taught by a dear friend, should make my vote on the subject of prefered naming clear...


(please don't quote the spelling here...i'm not a japanese expert) anyway, it means quite simply:
'I am the devil' and works wonderfully in most situations as an excuse, introduction, or random exclamation
..Bill feel free to use this as an introduction next time you call Kate seeing as you are already recongnized as this anyway ;)

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