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while bleak sincerity gives way to incandescent clarity

you're the next disappointing boom
burning out in the same black room
nothing's real if you read the news
if you bled the blues
prove it to the world
now drink and be real
this is the last time

so this trip is done, and these days as sure to follow. i think lately i have been trying to make plans with my life- and when i do that it gets all sorts of crappy. and then i act, no offense of course, like you guys. i have a chapter of grace that is over one thousand pages long, and it seems that recently that i had tried a new chapter. and that one sucked. i used to be so carefree about anything and everything.

and now i am going to revert. i am so done with the nonsense of, "oh my gosh what am i going to do?" the burdens of worrisomeness makes me sleepy- something i am usually not. so i am to revert to my 'younger' self. back before possessions, back before money, back to the chapter of grace- which i am sure will be added to. won't my autobiography be fun? i mean, really, i am irish.

now i am gonna go shower- cause i am good like that

...cairn started sharing the good files, didn't he...


um... what?

sorry. i was thinking of something else. it's a nice post, though.

i like the voice you use when you write verse. do you write anything else, or just what we see on your blog?

hard to conceal the flavor of strychnine

um- actually johanna, the begining of my post is usually a qoute from a song. i haven't actually thought about that- but i suppose i could give it a try.

go figure i don't recognize the lyrics. perhaps you could start giving credits? unless it would ruin your aesthetic lines..

here you go bill, a nice goal for ya:


lucas- i don't know if i could ever do that. but why not try right?

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