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just some movies i need to see before the year is up:

in no particular order.

around the bend
ong bak
dear frankie
bigger than the sky
kung fu hustle
kicking and screaming
layer cake
bad news bears
the chronicles of narnia
wallace and gromit
kingdom of heavn
mr. and mrs. smith
the island
rory oshea was here
house of d
swimming up stream
upside of anger
green butchers
warriors of heaven and earth
imaginary heroes
pink panther
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
batman begins
charlie and the chocolate factory
a very long engagement

you forgot "melinda and melinda"

Also which "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"? Do you mean the Hitchcock version with Carol Lombard and Robert Montgomery?

well, i would have to hear a review from one of you two about 'melinda melinda', and no mattathias- not the hitchcock version, i am a communist.

a terrible, TERRIBLE communist. and terrible in the sense that i am just plain bad at it.

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