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April Fools Mother F*&%$@s

"what i'm looking for cannot be sold to me.
i wish they all would stop trying
cause' what i want and what i need,
is and will always be free."

well, if you are still here, you might want to leave. heck- everyone else avoided me to-day. which could have been a damn shame- it's that time of year again where jerks like me make a laughing stock out of your arse. and spare me that silly, "at others expense" crap. i didn't see anyone else up late at night figure out how i was gonna get everyone.

as the day started, no one- absolutely no one was at work to-day, not until a few hours after we opened. this normally bothers me because they are all salary- however, it only bothered me to-day as i got to work 2 hours early to set up some great pranks. all in all, the day was very long for some individuals.

now i am off to go outside and play with bailey- a puppy i visit often. we play frisbee for hours when it is nice outside. no foolin.

and i should thank Rew and Matt for letting me see their blogdospot so that you can now waste your time looking at mine.

ps happy belated birthday Kris Werner and Carly Baum

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