24 September 2006

celtic fest serves tullamore dew?

well, you know i never meant to hurt no one
but i've got a knack for getting things undone
and i've got a way of ruining your fun
all the time

two out of three days at the celtic fest is pretty good. and what a time. both days were overcast and cool, with a good breeze. add that with pint, some fish and chips, shepperds pie and some bagpipes- and it is like heaven came down for a few hours. and then i thought of a great quote: '
God made beer because he loves us and wants us to be happy,' ben franklin.

to-day, while walking about i stumbled accross something that perhaps should not have been. apparently some marketing guy at tullamore dew has lost his mind. they were giving away free shots of tullamore Irish whiskey. why, oh why?!?! did they not know what group of people they were giving it too? give a bunch of Irish folk whiskey and it is like 1522 all over agian. then i found out it was only one shot per person. the girl behind the bottle was really pretty. so three shots later, i decided to keep on walking.

on the way back to the car i felt odd that i should feel buzzed. but then started to add things up- two or three pints and three shots of tullamore dew= yup, glad i didn't drive.

23 September 2006

good riddance

so here we are now
a sip of wine a sip of water
someday maybe, maybe
someday we’ll be smarter

finally summer is done. and i hope that i will never meet it again. i truly hate summer and most of what goes on with it. that's right- i said it. i am not a fan of sweating my ass off. a cloudy sky, even one that is letting loose its contents of moisture is far better than a sky full of sun. i have no problem swimming in october, it would actually feel refreshing; there is nothing refreshing after a dip in a pool with a 85 degree or better temperature. but i thank God that that brutal season is over. now we can get on to some great weather.

celtic festival is underway this weekend. naturally i am a fan. on a nice cool day i like to watch the caber toss, what of it? great music, great beer, great food and great people. everyone should embrace their heritage, even if it is full of whiskey drinking, kilt wearing, english fighting ancestors.

11 September 2006

on going home

night falls beneath candle light,
white squalls beneath winter skies,

what a joyous return home.

my friend nick and i went down to the local bar. there are two bars in the town of middleburgh, ny. one of them have the clientel of a less savory nature- interesting people anyways. it is very loud and some people would rather cause a ruckus rather than enjoy a good time. the other is very quiet where people are friendly and will chat with anyone. nick and i went to both- but started at the louder one.

bj's is the name. i am not sure why, perhaps the owner's name is bartholomew jacobson. and at first glance it does not look like much, and only after you get inside, you find that it really is not much to look at. however, if we are at a bar, we should at least try our hands at getting a drink.

i ordered mine, black russian- there is no guinness. while the barkeep was concerning herself with making my drink, i was introduced to one of the locals, rather- she introduced herself to me, as pleasantly as she could.

local patron: "get the f*%$ out of my way"
me: "you could try excuse me"
lp: "i don't have to say anything to you"
me: "perhaps you should, you are a lady, and besides, everyone has manners- find them."

i left barside to rejoin my friend nick who has met some of our other friends. i recalled the story to them, just as i have with you. just as i had finished this rather large mid to late thirty-something woman came rushing towards me and pushed one of my friends out of her way.

lp: "if you have something to say to me, say it to my f*$#ing face!"
me: i am not talking about you, i was done when we were at the bar" (i am pretty sure this is what i said- i was quite mild mannered about the whole thing)
it was at this time that the local patron started screaming and knocked my drink out of my hand. she then proceeded to push me. surely i cannot hit a women, so i let it go. then a second time. as she was about to her third attempt to push me i grabbed both of her arms and pushed them down and shoved her away from me. clearly that was the time that everyone else at the bar thought that it should end. about five or so guys came up and held her back and stood in front of me.

perhaps it was the surge of adreneline, or just the shock of loosing a good drink- but i cannot really recall just what happened after that. i know that the woman was kindly escorted out of the bar. after that i wanted to go too, to the other local bar. thankfully i did. kelly's is the name of this bar. mr. kelly is not irish by any means, but titled his bar so. he serves guinness, so it cannot be that bad. guinness was $2.75 a pint; combine that with the fact that the woman that i greeted was not there- it was a great night.

welcome home, billy, indeed!

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