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good riddance

so here we are now
a sip of wine a sip of water
someday maybe, maybe
someday we’ll be smarter

finally summer is done. and i hope that i will never meet it again. i truly hate summer and most of what goes on with it. that's right- i said it. i am not a fan of sweating my ass off. a cloudy sky, even one that is letting loose its contents of moisture is far better than a sky full of sun. i have no problem swimming in october, it would actually feel refreshing; there is nothing refreshing after a dip in a pool with a 85 degree or better temperature. but i thank God that that brutal season is over. now we can get on to some great weather.

celtic festival is underway this weekend. naturally i am a fan. on a nice cool day i like to watch the caber toss, what of it? great music, great beer, great food and great people. everyone should embrace their heritage, even if it is full of whiskey drinking, kilt wearing, english fighting ancestors.

No, you're wrong: one should embrace one's heritage ESPECIALLY if it is full of whiskey drinking, kilt wearing, and english fighting.
Unfortunately, my ancestors are oppressed peasants who for centuries have either worked or eaten themselves to death. Viva Sicilia!

i am not sure, but my family might have been some of the oppressive sorts. they were royalty once in scotland. then, as history tells us, there was fighting and a new royalty set up. but my family fought and received their royalty back.

then i am not sure what happened. i just know that here i am.

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