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hogwarts... er, i mean heathrow

we arrived at heathrow. after waiting twenty minutes to get into the bay so that they could let us out. when rew and i got off the plane we had to walk about one mile to get to the immigration check in. and things took off from there.

the immigration officer found it strange that i would have quit my job and planned on spending a week here in the U.K., with real intentions to go further to the czech republic. however, she informed me that they had run out of truth serum. so... i was assigned to an immigration detective. but before she came i had to wait about thirty minutes, small time criminals like myself need to sweat it out. she questioned me in great detail for about twenty more minutes, and the disappeared. about thirty minutes later she reappeared all harry potter like and asked me to go get my bags with her so that she could look through them.

and boy did she look through them. she decided that it was quite important to read my journal in great detail- just to make sure that i had indeed told her the truth. that my journal might hold some devastating secrets. instead of pulling out her wand and saying, 'reveal thy secrets,' she just started to read it. seeing that i have filled it out quite a bit, she asked me to return to the chair that i have been so kindly waited for her twice before. about half of one hour later, she came out of the room and agreed with the pages of my journal, and my words both- that i was genuinely going to the czech republic. then she turned into a cat and scampered away.

perhaps it is pertinent that i get a flexible flight from the czech republic to the states. that way i can avoid another onslaught of wizened wizards and their peculiar questions.

aww come on now.. who wouldn't beleive you, you didn't laugh at her like the devil did you? cause that might have had something to do with it...

lol. that's my bro. that may have something to do with the letter i previously sent to wizard women. did she perform one or two cavity searches? i may have told her how you like to hide foreign objects up there. plus, i told her how you laugh like the devil when you do.

ha ha ha. funny story! i hear there are a lot of wizards in europe so you better watch your back!

oh well. i got in though. what a pain. but- i am leaving here to-morrow anyways. this week was fun though

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