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billy goes to jamaica!

in the morning in the winter shade
on the first of march on the holiday
i thought i saw you breathing

oh the glory that the Lord has made
and the complications when i see his face
in the morning in the window

~sufjan stevens

to-day i found out that i am indeed going to jamaica. and naturally a lot of funny things came to mind. imagine how much worse it would be if i were going to mexico. this all takes place thanks to a deal from work. some school bought a ton of furniture. actually several tons- i unloaded 11,000 pounds to-day alone (that's 5.5 tons). all by myself. and stacked it... all by myself... three high. after 72 boxes (about 150 a piece) even i get a little tired. just a little. and then i went to the gym for more. i felt so good i squatted 425 pounds.

i wonder how work will get me to jamaica. will i go by plane? or will i help save money by hitchhiking to florida and then steal a tire and swim my way over. no doubt i will be fighting through the mexicans trying to get over here. they might even try to take my tire.

if i remember right, and i am sure i do, i made lots of jokes about jamaicans. "get your lazy butt up and move this furniture, you better pray to bob marley that i don't catch you sitting around the rest of the day." "if you say, 'c'mon man' one more time, i swear you will be making cheap rip off cubans by the end of the week." "get to work, money doesn't grow on trees! well, down here maybe- isn't your currency bananas?" "who is playing that come-a-come-a-come-a-come-a chameleon song?"

they might think i am a nazi. "no fruit one year!"

(thanks paul)

who knows. i just know that it will be way to friggen hot. and there is no good beer down there. looks like i need to do my airport ritual.

not a fan of the redstripe eh?

"it's beer! hooray beer!"

that phrase rings true on many levels.

last night i was telling of our tour-de-force of alcohol.

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