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because it is me

maybe i caught you at a bad time.
maybe i should call you back next week.
maybe half the fault was mine that
the sun didn't shine on barrington street.


i am finally moved in to the new place. everything has a spot. books in the bookshelf, clothes in the dresser. some on the floor. they like it there. i started going to a new gym too. there is almost no one there. and a funny thing happened to me.

i like going to the gym. i get to work-out, get frustration and extra energy out, and i get stronger. and that is where the funny thing happened. while at the gym, i made a voice message for myself on my phone. then i played it. i think it is most hilarious that i appear to be a stronger looking guy- and i sound like a girl. it is quite a high voice- on the recording anyways. who knew?

heh heh. that is quite the coincidence because i happen to be getting ready for a murder mystery party ("under the big top") and my character is the strong man. i just stuffed my sleeves with socks and drew a mustache on my face. i look pretty stupid...

hahaha. that is hilarious. so you sort of feel my pain, only i am supposed to sound manly all the time.

sound like a girl? you give yourself airs.

you sound like a young man. enjoy it while you can -- it's probably helped you more than you know

hey, we never got to finish our game of cops and robbers at the pre-wedding shindig at the Brewworks! Of course...I forgot to tell you we were playin' cops an' robbers...started staring at the ceiling...(see post below)

well, i dunno how much it helps- i doubt most people notice it like i do.

ok- but who is the robber? i want to dress appropriately.

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