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hand out the window
floatin' on air
just a flip of the wrist
i'd be wavin' you goodbye

ever hear of weemee? it is kind of fun. and this one is just like me- i always wear nothing but a scarf and ear muffs. oh, and a leaf. can't just walk around in the wind without it.

i am sick. coughing, sniffing, hurting in the throat. booo! one plus is that i have a much deeper voice. i hope that it does not go away. i want to keep it. if i do keep it, i will start singing older tunes by frank, barry, and the likes. until then, i will keep feeling terrible and what not.

how was your christmas and new years? i hope that you feel better.

hello frankie! i am much better thanks. mine Christmas was well. and mine new year's was fun- it was down in delaware in rew's giant beach apartment. how was yours?

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