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almost there

so leave yourself intact
cause i will be coming back
in a phrase to cut these lips
i love you
~ c&c

to-morrow is the day i get my international license. (matt- you know what that means right?) there are a lot of different countries i plan on visiting. and some i will avoid. i will avoid some my whole entire life. like mexico- and the dirty countries below it.

i had a dream and a cat talked to me. and a kitten mocked a dog barking. hilarious.

few more days and england here i come. and you are not too far scotland. good thing europe is big- cause i might need to lay low here and there. i must restrain myself from a massive library caper.

know what that means? how could i forget?

hahah, i should have posted the link to my earlier post.

hey you... i was bored so i created an account since i do not have myspace and you don't have facebook. you'll have to tell me more about how this works.. i have stuff to tell you and i have no idea when you will get internet over there.. i miss you!! love ya

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