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stand up don't make a sound
your ears might bleed
there are sweet fluorescent enemies
that live inside of me
the world moves faster than i knew
not fast enough to not creep up on you
and the space we put between
so pull me under your weather patterns
your cold fronts and the rain don't matter
because the sun burns what i needed

~something corporate

so i made it back to new york. oneonta vw took $1,000 to take my car back. hooray! then nick picked me up and took me the rest of the way to middleburgh. on my way up- i totally was doing 75 in a 55 and a po-po just cruised by. so i didn't bother slowing down- i mean, the copper already knew.

now i am at ross'. and my left ear will not pop. it is very annoying. we have a few good pints here too. come on over. to-morrow i have a meeting at 9 am. free breakfast. that guy does not know how much i eat. poor guy.

hey, have a good time in the czech republic. steer clear of haters, unless you feel compelled somehow to do otherwise.

i have it on good authority that sitting by the river in Prague (i think it was a river; i'm forgetful) with a cheap loaf of bread can be very soothing.

take care, guy i met once...

my ears finally popped.

i was told to stay clear of the gypsies. but maybe they are the same?

but i will try the bread thing. a whole loaf? or do they have smaller loaves? or am i supposed to feed birds/gypsies?

thanks, girl i met once.

she didn't specify whole or half loaves. she just said it was really good and cheap. old-worldy. maybe let stomach and/or company (birds, clowns) decide?

gypsies will tend to want to sell you something, sooner or later. although i had a nice gypsy lady grab my cheek in athens and tell me that my face deserved a free flower.

ha! other than the selling thing, though, i see no reason to stay clear of gypsies whatsoever.

hey bill! when do you leave? maybe you already left? have a great time! get in touch with us when you're back in the states. you'll have to come have a pint at our new house! yayayay! bye. sniff.

aww! no, i am leaving this coming monday. pretty nuts, but it should be worth it.

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