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outta here

hand out the window
floating on air
just a flick of the wrist
and i am waiving you goodbye
~dashboard confessional

i am still unpacked and unready to go. but i got to see some folks before i went. get your hits in now- cause monday…

i suppose it is not a full cuss word since the man's head covers most of the 'u'. but either way- i am out of here soon enough. sadly- norway is out. they will not let me stay long enough to learn the language fluently. but the czech republic will. and i can stay for free in a few places. what fun!

last night the work peeps took me out to the abbaye. and i love the abbabye. it has a dartboard that is never in use, and it has some most wonderful beer. dave and kris came out too, and my friend bob. and my girlfriend stefanie. yes- she is a real girl! and no- she is not mexican. but she is great. many people from the store came too. it was a most enjoyable time.

so i am seeing as many people as i can before i go. makes sense no? to-morrow i get to play with bailey. he is such a good dog. then off to new york.

whilst in new york, you can find me in albany for a few days. from thursday until monday you can find me in rochester. more than likely at the old toad. a great british pub, a pub that has not been topped yet; but then again, the pretentious badger has not opened yet either.

from rochester it is back to albany for a day or so, and then to manhatten with rew. then england, and then further.

when should i pack?

i'm done with Beebe!! 10pm, still frantically packing & cleaning & doing laundry. hoping to catch the ferry to Cape May tomorrow morning. we'll see. if the weather sucks, i'll just drive up to Philly. i hope to make it all the way to Rochacha by late tomorrow night. talk soon. (PS don't let me forget the key!!)

the key to your heart. pffff bwahahahahahahaha

i am so out of the loop...you're moving to Europe????

bastardo. (that was directed at bill.) i have successfully exited Delaware. by land -- i decided to be practical for a change and ditched the ferry idea. in Philly now for a quick layover. hoping for Rochester by midnight.
thespian. (that was directed at lucas.)

aww come on! you left it open. what was i supposed to do, pass that gem up?

yes, lucas, i am outta huey. nothing is final. in fact- i am not sure where either. awesome recent events might have changed things. but europe yes.


wow. that's quite cool. how long might you be gone? even though i never see you now, there's something reassuring about the idea that's it's always possible you might end up on my porch some afternoon...oh well.


remember when you had a blog and you updated it? that was awesome.

seriously, what's new?

Billiam, I'm going to miss you. There I said it. Will you be updating this blog while in the Czech Rep? I sure hope so, b/c Billiam stories coming from a whole different continent will be priceless.

aww shucks... yes, i will be updating. and in the most fun way. you can only imagine how other people will take my humour.

you never know, they might actually get you over there, which will be a nice change of pace for ya...oh, snap.

yeah, totally update it from over there

how funny would it be if i updated in czech? i need to find out how to make all of the characters- their accents go the opposite way, plus they have a small 'v' on top of some of their consonants.

i would do it in both languages. fun, fun.

just be careful with that our small "v". if you will use it when you shouldnt, you will completely change the meaning of the word. right it will be fun:-)

wait wait wait..
girlfriend?? i guess i've been outta the loop too (like lucas). have fun with all your traveling and be careful. keep posting when you get the chance!

oh, and REW:

where have you been all my life?? hey we bought a house! you should come see it sometime. miss ya,

yeah, you know here. stefanie leib. so... yeah. i am dating a teenager- want to fight about it.

you know, Jeremiah could give you some good advice about that

wow. well, 19, 20 in june

as long as she is over 17, thats all that matters. i know stephanie a bit. she is really sweet. i am happy for you. talk to you later!

i thought it was 18? haha, either way- yes. i think she is great. her maturity and my immaturity equal out great.

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