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we're old enough by now
to take care of each other
we don't need no babysitter
we don't need no father or mother
we're old enough by now
don't worry 'bout a thing
don't you remember
last december
when you went to steamboat springs?
~fountains of wayne

first- i updated my profile. you can click on it if you want- no huge change. just minuscule ones. and a funny one.

i had my first czech lesson to-day. it was pretty good i think. my tutor says i am clever. that makes me feel good. she said that i will be speaking czech in no time. which sounds great to me- because all i hear is how hard this language is. once i get the hang of reading the newspaper, i will be fine.

i played a great game to-day. i played it in two, one hour spurts. and i beat it too. it is quite fun. i made a few good puzzles myself. here is that game. nah, just kidding, that is a picture of a gnome. this is that game (for realsies). it is for mac and pc.

stef bought herself (ourselves?) a web cam. no- we are not the horny naked people on the internet doing what probably should not be done. we stay normally clothed. which if you do not know me, means i do not have a shirt on. and if you do not know her- her clothes are still on. i already purchased the isight a while ago. and now i have a great reason to use it. long distance relationships work better when you can see the person. i think.

i had problems to send you comments here but it should be ok now. I just wanted thank you for that game it is really fun. And i am beginning to be good in it. I am glad your czech is going well so far.

yeah, so far so good. piece of cake. that game is fun.

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