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freudian slip?

give me a reason to end this discussion,
to break with tradition, to fold and divide.
'cause i hate the ocean, theme parks and airplanes,
talking with strangers, waiting in line.
i'm through with these pills that make me sit still.
~motion city soundtrack

when rew and i were in inverness, scotland, we checked out some b&b's. the second one we got to had a very nice and funny man. the first one had an open door but one was home; back to the second one. rew asked for a double, and in a perfectly natural scottish accent the man said, "sorry, i only have a double bed... you're not gay are ya?" it was funny. so then we went next door. it was another b&b. the guy in there was talking about his blood pressure and said that it was being affected by, "fags and whiskey." to which i instantly said, "what?!?" i forgot that i was in a different country and that they had different slang then we do. but really, that would mess up my blood pressure too.

about me

  • i'm billiam
  • from prague, Czechia
  • where capital letters have been executed! let's see... i really dislike sunny days. i love precipitation of all kinds. snow is my favorite. i wish that it could be no more than fifty degrees fahrenheit, and clouds covering the sky. i enjoy friends and beer- in that order. i dislike wearing shirts. my random thoughts and unanswerable questions keep me up at night. when i sleep i have dreams; long epic dreams. i believe that it is important to be fit in mental, physical, and emotional capacities. any food worth eating should be as organic as possible, without additives that have letters p, k, x, c, h in close proximity without vowels. save a cow- eat a vegetarian.
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