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favonian winds bring us spring

"it’s 3 a.m.
and i’m up again
answering the call of all
the flowers by the bed
make me wish my head
was lying and possessed by truth alone a certain home
a wooden gate, a rabbit hole
we’ll turn around it won’t be long
capture that place, won’t it be fun"

to-day was very productive. i did the laundry, cleaned my room, learned about a great many things, and then had dinner with tina and frankie. we went to the coopersburgh diner. the food was really good, and our waitress was really nice, but i couldn't help notice how unprofessional that place was- but it is a diner after all. tina thinks i hate that place- but i would go again.

on my drive home, the ipod was playing all the songs a soul like mine needs to hear. the second greatest invention ever made. it was rainy all day (which i love), and yet i stole a look out my window. the clouds had just enough opening that i saw a few stars. and for some reason i felt awed, and particularly small at the same time. lately i have been feeling a change coming. and usually when i feel this way, a huge change comes. everytime i feel this way i am uprooted and placed in a new place. i do believe i will be going to Australia. i was tossing around the idea of going to the University of Melbourne for philosophy. i do have some things to work out first. i need to pay off a debt or two, get a laptop- thinking the apple, and a digital camera. not much else i can think of.

now i need to work on a list of who is going to visit.


I am sorry to have forgotten but what species of degree are you going for at U of M? MS, PhD?

at the u of m i wish to concentrate on my ma and then phd. what do you think i should do- degree by research, or by coursework?

can't it be both?


but really...

i've just now found you...

that sounded odd

Tricky. Research sounds more impressive. But, you might have a more broad education with course work...

But seriously, you can't do both?

looking into it

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