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if i were leonard bernstein, i would...

"it's 3 a.m.
and i'm up again
answering the call of all
the flowers by the bed
make me wish my head
was light and possessed by truth alone
a certain home
a wooden gate, a rabbit hole
we'll turn around it won't be long
capture that place, won't it be fun"

i just recently heard on the radio that there is company pushing for other car companies to start making fully electrical 'plug in' cars. that it would save money that is used on fuel, lessen the dependence on fossil fuels and would boost moral for society.

but would all this really happen? a plug in car receives electricity that is produced somewhere- and somehow. some states have wind powered generators, hydroelectric power, nuclear power. however- all of the continental US states use coal- except for vermont. and most states receive over 50% of their electrical power from coal plants.

as it has been shown by the wonderful world of science that acid rain is polluting the lakes in the adirondacks. and that is acid rain is coming from the coal plants (not that burning coal produces acid rain- but you know what i mean).

so if everyone- who doesn't live in vermont, started buying these 'plug in' cars, wouldn't it hurt our environment? and that bit about boosting morale? i think litter from passing cars is dirtier than some fumes. but then again, i carry around my own o2 tank. now you know.

um... "it's fun to learn- 'cause knowledge is power"

This is why there needs to be a comprehensive environmental and energy policy, and this is also why the conservative idea of "technology will save us" is helpful only up to a point.

By the way, your same argument is true for hydrogen powered cars (which is where most of the research is going these days: it is not very likely that plug in cars will take off), because the hydrogen is made from energy which right now comes from coal, oil, etc.

If new cars are the whole solution, then you are right. But it is possible to:

1) Create cleaner coal plants (to minimize both polution and CO2) and also make better regulation against strip mining.

2) Encourage alternate forms of energy (as you already said)

3) Upgrade the power grid to be able to handle the alternate forms of energy

But one thing the plug in cars would do to help the environment would be to require smaller trips (you probably couldn't go on long, fast road trips in your plug in car), so they would in a way cause more conservation.

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