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calm as hindu cows

'will i ever get to where it is that i am going?
will i ever follow through with what i, what i had planned?
i guess it's possible that i have been a bit distracted
and the directions for me are a lot less in demand.
will i ever get to where i'm going?
if i do, will i know when i'm there?
if the wind blew me in the right direction would i even care?
i would.'

from the onset, it looks like spring. spring- the rejuvenate season, the season of birth. and yet the... end... of another season. spring- the undoer, ruinator, destructor of winter. i would not be so kind as to welcome it. as it ripens the seeds fall to ensure another cycle.
the royal astronomical society has just met to see about what kind of super expensive telescope that the e.u. should build. there is the TMT (thirty meter telescope), OWL (overwhelmingly large telescope), and ELT (extremely large telescope). i know, i know- it does sound made up, but for reallies- check it out. now- good idea or bad idea? these things cost a lot of money to build. but something else makes me wonder- we (i say we, sure it is a collective pluralization of mankind, but that it is mankind making it. oh... and for you feminists, humankind. man!) are so concerned about what might be in the outer celestial parts of space and its goings on, what planet has ice, what planet has veggies, what planet if full of apes, and what planet we can send mexicans too; but what i want to know is, do we really need to broaden our scopes out to space when we can take that money and perhaps build a giant microscope and fix the crap we started here before we take it to other planets? i think i just ranted.
oh and what about sammy hahnemann? he started that whole homeopathy hubub. 'fight like with like,' he said. this makes me laugh. because, no one except for matt might know this, but... there are a band of people in the middle east, in the Empty Quarter, the Bedouin actually, and before they started to settle in the markaz (which the governments have built) where they received medicine- they used to burn themselves. so like- there is a burning in my esophagus, and sticking a hot poker down there does the same thing- has to cure it! though i know that is not what homeopathy deals with, it still makes me laugh.
lately i have been feeling a bunch different. it is the whole change thing- i hope i can hold out until february. oh- and about that terrible phone call i made, i got a raise. and i make more than anyone in the warehouse. i should have placed that call so much earlier.
oh... and i was unofficially invited to the Canada trip. and if anyone else is going- this is the year if ever there were a year to go. i've been told by an inside source that we are going earlier this year- before it starts to get a bit too cold. not that a little cold would stop me, not even a lot of cold could do that. but- it is the last year i will be state side for a while- if ever again. i am deporting my butt soon. so get scotty to bring his drink, and rew to polish that croquet set, and get your invitation!

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