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get what you pay for

i was twenty one years when i wrote this song
i'’m twenty two now, but i won’t be for long
people ask when will you grow up to be a man
but all the girls i loved at school
are already pushing prams

i loved you then as i love you still
though i put you on a pedestal,
they put you on the pill
i don'’t feel bad about letting you go
i just feel sad about letting you know

i don'’t want to change the world
i’'m not looking for a new england
i'’m just looking for another girl
i don’t want to change the world
i’'m not looking for a new england
i’'m just looking for another girl

i loved the words you wrote to me
but that was bloody yesterday
i can'’t survive on what you send
every time you need a friend

i saw two shooting stars last night
i wished on them but they were only satellites
is it wrong to wish on space hardware?
i wish, i wish, i wish you'’d care

what can't billy bragg do? i was reminded today of a great game. if you want to learn how to play you will have to go and look at mattathias' page. his rules will be easier to follow for newbies, because my directions involve shots of scotch. and if there is anything i know about newbies and scotch, it's that they can't learn a new game to save their lives.

my camera came in the mail to-day. and apparently it wasn't $267 liked i had hoped. that price was only for the camera- no battery, no charger, no memory card, no plugs for the tv, no plugs for the computer, no cd-roms. needless to say i called them up and was, of course, put on hold. call me a racist (which i'm not- i am as far from racism as black is from white), but if the hold music is r&b, chances are it is a company full of minorities. either way...

i tell sanchez that their website specified that it came with all aforementioned items for $267- not $689. after much negotiating and his gibberish in some broken english i now have a camera, with all the goods- with and added 128 and 512 megabyte cards and 5 year protection plan, and $100 credited to my card. grand total= $500... and change.

and the sony cybershot dsc-ti is worth every penny. maybe not trying to reason with paco, but outside of that, it is worth it.

and for some reason... this was made. i can't blame you if you only get less than 5.3 seconds into it. it is a terrible spoof of a falsely knighted sir mixalot- and i think you know the song title. but how about it's new name... 'baby got book'

Hey, I never thought of turning Plato into a drinking game, but now that I think of... hmm...

well, we have time to think of it before cananda.

ah, a splendid idea! but one thing i never understood about drinking games: how come the loser gets to take the drink? seems like it should be the other way around.

see what i mean about newbies?

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