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watch out, nukes are coming!

"and i was asleep where the lord showed his worth
i jumped down the well where the water was hurt
before falling angels must glide back to earth
send down a bucket of girls"

ok, honestly- i know that the north koreans shot a missile. then while i was running my routine six minute mile, i almost fell off the treadmill as i was struck with laughter. it was so amazing, "headlining news, north korea has just become a nuclear threat to the united states." oh? cause i just read that they only had 'long range attack missiles' that went just as far as japan. so who is lying- who is hyping it up? don't get me wrong- i can make a story sound 8 times better than the way it actually happens too, but with the most interesting life i lead i don't have to.

and i love- 'the terror level has just been lowered now to yellow.' good, now i can stop buy water from the store, and refill my old storage water bottles, stop wearing my bullet proof vest, take the bars off my window, collect my mail, and let my friends know of my new secret password to get into my house.

now, i know everyone knows of micheal moore- and though i think he bent our eyes as far as he could, i do agree with his one statement that the chance of me being attacked by a terrorist is... rounding up- about 0%-1%. sure i am severely sorry for those families that went through it, i am sorry for those still trying to make it, but long and short- i am not buying a set of metal chained ladders so that i can climb out of my window in case of a terrorist attack.

i am getting away from the start of this... ah yes, north korea. how concerned should we be. "star wars works," few, then we can shoot that stuff out of the sky. but their long range attack is very limited- and that is not to say that mayhaps japan should be concerned- that was not the new report. it focused soley on the idea that we, the u.s., could be at risk of attack. not very likely at all.

though i do not quite know the instability of a poorer nation like north korea, i am still not at all concerned with getting 'nuked.'

so i will continue to run my six minute miles worry free.

There was a lot of equivocation going on here I think because a general or someone said they could get a missile at the West Coast, but Rice said they honestly don't know.

Still, the US is spending billions and billions on missle defense, and none of their tests seem to work. If a "star wars" type missle shield is workable, it will probably cost much much much more and the system may never work, and may never be needed.

I agree: there are a lot more pressing concerns out there (and better things that we could use that nuclear weapons scratch for)

i am glad that our economy is getting slightly worse, and all we can do is waste our money.

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