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if when you sighed
a particular banter
it's from stepping on cracks
that mother died

'ring ring'

bonnie: hello?
me: hey bonnie
bonnie: who is this
me: billy
bonnie: billy who?
me: how many other billy's do you know?
bonnie: tell me something that only billy would do
me: how about me and matt driving through canada drinking and driving?
bonnie: oh! billy mckinstry! how are you?

and then a little be later

bonnie: you are the biggest paradox
me: what?
bonnie: you are studying ethics and yet you are the worst person ever.

am i really? come on now! i prefer crafty, if you will.

if you haven't seen willy wonka yet, you should. it was hilarious- except the part where danny elfman is creepy (but i won't spoil it). just do what wonka says and you will be ok, "don't touch that's squirrels nuts!"

this month so far, i have worked just over one whole week and i have never been paid so handsomely. in fact- my company sent me away to norwalk, ohio for some management training. but who could really see me doing that when cedar point is right next door? not only did i go and had a great time, but my company paid for it. though they didn't know until i told them.

rew stopped up for the movie, in fact it was his idea. later i went to tina's house- and if she has never made you a pie you should get her to, because her strawberry pie is 'scrum-didely-umptious'. not that she made it for me, but you better bet i ate some. i brought her some fig newtons though. um... that's a fair trade, no?

about me

  • i'm billiam
  • from prague, Czechia
  • where capital letters have been executed! let's see... i really dislike sunny days. i love precipitation of all kinds. snow is my favorite. i wish that it could be no more than fifty degrees fahrenheit, and clouds covering the sky. i enjoy friends and beer- in that order. i dislike wearing shirts. my random thoughts and unanswerable questions keep me up at night. when i sleep i have dreams; long epic dreams. i believe that it is important to be fit in mental, physical, and emotional capacities. any food worth eating should be as organic as possible, without additives that have letters p, k, x, c, h in close proximity without vowels. save a cow- eat a vegetarian.
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