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care to dance?

so picture this face
and burn it to flame
to shelter it at home
at the fire place
and all the memory will fade
with the flick of the flame
~coheed and cambria

to-day i noticed something. want to know what that something is? dancing, and bad dancing at that. it has become apparent that the more music videos i see, the more i notice that people can sing- but they sure as heck cannot dance. (note that the only reason that i watch music videos is because that is the only thing on the t.v.s when i am at the gym)

of no particular order. the names that are in caps share the same heritage as myself- that's right i show favoritism!

Dolores ORiordan (the cranberries)
david lee roth (van halen)
deborah harry (blondie)
michael stipe (rem)
steven tyler (aerosmith)
axl rose (guns and roses)
robert plant (led zeppelin)

the list could go on, but i am rather amazed that these folks even try to dance. though it would make a weird video if they didn't i supposes. but then again, lots of music videos are devoid of dancing.

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