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globes, maps, and loose women

quiet is the change
renders autumn

and no one detects
'til it is too late
~t de a

...did when thinking of mapping out my life. but can you map a journey like life? linear movements are just lines, no? i know little cartographers, and little of them like straight lines, but perhaps you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. and is 'life mapping' any different from 'life planning'? mapping leaves one to go in one direction only; plans can be subject to change. within the same note, to reach the goal, in which the map is intended for, might one find a supplemental route? though it seems probable- maps typically have but one set of directions or route to follow. so yes, i suppose that they are different indeed.

with that in mind, it seems better to plan out life, rather than map it and limit your direction. unless of course you have only one desire. as it has be said, though, the world cares not for man- it makes no exceptions for him. which is where planning comes in. plans can help one rebound to find an alternate way to meet his goals. maps can involve too much idle time (and we all know what happens when some of us (me) are left to be idle) waiting for the right moment before one can go on. instead of waiting, changing the plan will allow one to keep moving, perhaps learn something new.

i suppose one could map his life to the present, but that just seems like one long continual straight line, an insufferable chore. perhaps better is a book detailing trumped versions of what really happened. and then he could be famous.

some people have maps that lead them to buried treasure. i have a plan to make the best peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwhich i have had in weeks. think of me if you find riches.

while rasberry jam is good, strawberry jam is the shit.

as long as it is chunky peanut butter- i am less mindful of the jam used. however, i will not eat a sandwhich made with jelly, unless of course i am using manners.

i just have a fondness for raspberries, of almost all kinds.

agree with lucas on this one.

blah blah blah

SO Bill, I thought of you recently when I saw that Scott Bao (sp?) was starring on some network TV show and his name is "Bob Loblaw" (again, sp?).

get it? bobloblawbobloblaw...

I think he's a lawyer.

Those network TV writers are so crafty. And smart. Like when they named the sheriff of the duke boys'county, "Boss Hog." You know, cause he eats alot.

So have you seen The Family Guy movie? Fantabuloso.

Oh yeah, and Boss Hog was the boss
--get it?

hey mike,
what was it that reminded you of me? do i have the whimsical personality and charming good-looks of scott bao? or do i say blahblahblah a lot?

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