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moving onwards

what is the world, o soldiers?
it is i:
i, this incessant snow,
this northern sky;
soldiers, this solitude
through which we go
it is i.


another year down, another hilarious Christmas party done. this year i might have been a little silly. thankfully this year levi and frankie were there, a more enjoyable time. i won't lie- i stole the show again this year for a little while. but that is what i do in social settings, especially when there have been a drink involved. a couple of drinks... a few drinks... loads?

the next day i woke up like i usually do, on the floor with no covers because i kicked them off as i apparently run some sort of marathon in my sleep. well i rose, unlocked my door (high alert security mode ever since... well... i don't have to tell you what happened), and went to check the mail. and what was inside? "pray, tell- billy what was in the mail?"

and since you asked, i will tell you! in the mail was a yummy plate of cookies. my favorite kind, the peanut-butter cookies with the hershey's kiss on top. love 'em. those were sent by jeff and mary, a perfect couple up in rochester, ny that befriended me. then, the other package (that's right, i am most popular on saturdays) was from kyli, the high-tech, good lookin mac girl. she sent me some nice little products for the mac, and the end to my lack of great ac/dc tunes.

to-day i am in philly visiting kris and dave and rew. we saw the narnia movie and i enjoyed it quite much. i thought that if disney had a hand it in, it could get mega crappy mega quick. yet a delightful surprise. however, it was very hot inside. i took off my hoodie and then my overshirt, and if were weren't in such high society downtown philly- i would have taken off my undershirt.

oh, and good 'ol bush is finally admitting to some stuff, albiet months, years after the fact. lucas and i were talking, why is it that bush has not been subject to a huge investigation. in time perhaps.

long live the queen

dude, that color is so hard to read

now you have to help me with my zeppelin!

amen, lucas. and the text size is, like, 6 point.

that xmas party was a nite to remember!

i think the orange stands out against the dark blue- but for you lucas- i'll do most anything.

zeppelin taken care of!

Christmas party? what happened there?

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