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phone numbers

behind your sealed eyes you miss
all that i've done for you
will you catch me when i run?

if timing plays evident
what would you say when you're late?

coheed and cambria

to-nite i was at starbucks- yeah that's right, wanna fight? besdies, i get my best reading done there. most people just walk by, some stop to talk about whatever book it is that i am reading. on this particular of nights i was reading the wind and the willows, the problem of pain, and national geographic (november issue, so what if i'm a bit behind).

as anyone could tell you (ask lucas or matt), i get a little crazy with coffee. but for some reason i tend to control myself whilst at the coffee place, but then i read extremely quick, and become a bit nervy. to-nite though, i kept being interrupted by girls. no- i am not that guy who hides behind his book and stares. that creepy guy was two tables up- and he looked creepy too. the interruption came with phone numbers. two in two hours. makes a guy feel good.

problem: they looked to be about (and giggled enough) to be 17 at best. i don't call girls who are 17. and i guarantee when they find out i am 25, the good feeling will pass. why can't cute 20 something girls leave me their numbers?

so i got your message, but i have to look it up. i'll get it to you perhaps tomorrow

Ever hear Mr. Coffee by Lagwagon?

scoring some digits, huh bill? awesome. hope you're having fun at work right now. i'm not having fun being sick at home...but its better than being with screaming kids and backstabbing co-workers.

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