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late morning thoughts

how crisp the wind has become
sounds of the living things fade
summer birds to winter homes
now empty the forest glades
t. de a.

saddam is now on trial. the case is surrounding the deaths of 143 men (who were killed due to their part in an assassination attempt). later charges are said to be brought against him for the gassing of another 5,000 people. this leaves me to wonder about our own country and current presidency.

i am guessing that saddam did not kill all of these people single handedly. and it seems like a pretty good guess. i am sure that he placed the order, and that the order was carried out. now think about our leader. according to a few papers, and web pages like this one, there have been more deaths to civilians done by the 'good guys' then the terrorists. even still, u.s. forces and allies have killed a rather large number of terrorists as well. these terrorist were said to have threatened our way of life. isn't that what happened with those 143 men who attempted to take saddam's life? and we make sure he comes to justice. just gets me thinking is all.

well, might makes right, right?

i guess. wasn't it catch 22 that talks about the 'current' power of the day always crumbling, like Rome, Greece and such?

I think it was something like: Italians always survive because Italians are always the loosers...

bill -- i've only listened to it a couple of times, but the new Rogue Wave album is AWESOME. it's called "Descended Like Vultures. get it.

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