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what have we done with innocence
it disappeared with time, it never made much sense
adolescent resident
wasting another night on planning my revenge

~foo fighters

as i was in need of change, and for those who thought it was hard enough to read this blog- it's gonna get worse! nah, not really. but, here is the new look. that's right, same ol crap, only this isn't brown.

moving on, moving on...

i am home now, hanging out with my old crew that knows me best. as some crazy, laughing like satan, someone never to be dared, does the oddest things ever, 'book of useless information' billy.

mike, kyle, and amanda came down to pick me up. it was everso nice of them. many funny things were said, for example:

kyle: billy, where are you sleeping to-nite
amanda: in my bed. wait- i meant i am sleeping in my bed. billy sleeps on the floor.

all fun and fun.

well, after we get home- what do we do? we rally up the troops and head to kelly's- the worst 'irish' bar ever. the only thing irish in there was me and enia (sp- i think there is an o in there too) (pronounced on-ya). either way- some kid i never recall meeting ever in my life said, 'sure i remember billy mckinstry- you seem way too calm though, you better crank it up a notch. i remember you being rowdy.' gosh- can't a guy just drink his gin in piece? maybe i don't want to burn the place down, maybe i just want to keep to myself.

happy christmas all. i here that there is a movie that needs watching. and a guinness that needs drinking.

watch out or mad santas will get you in your sleep! happy christmas to you too!

hey, a new look...cool

happy festivus

ahh... enjoy- it's only going to get worse

how can things get worse? whoops, did i say that out loud?
hope you're having fun with your bad self.

idea is good, but red on black still hard to read and you've lost all your links, which sucks.

minus the links, i understand- but the colour? i dobout that there is anything wrong with it.

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