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looking after

i hold your head deep in my arms
my fingertips they close your eyes
off you dream, my little child
there's a sun around the bend
~pearl jam

as some of you know- i have been looking for a job, with no luck, mind you. then, after a few months, i get offered two jobs. one in the field of shipping/receiving, the other just management at a plant of some sorts. both jobs require that i keep those under me accountable to their work (i do that now- so nothing really new). then the pay takes account.

new job #1:
$30,000 (told the guy i need more, waiting to hear)
8 hours a week, no weekends (possible overtime)
shipping/receiving/inventory/training new employees
~i will have to move closer to the city- which increases my expenses, thus i need more money.

new job #2:
$30,000 (with overtime that could bring it to $40,000)
no less than 8 hours a day, some saturdays.
planning work day for employees/supervising/filling in when someone is out.

current job:
to be increased to $32,000, currently $28,000
no weekends, hours vary.
shipping/receiving/inventory/training new employees/fill in/customer relations/accounts receivable/vendor maintenance/repair man/custodian/quality control/quality assurance.

so... any choice is moving up. i have places to stay, but expenses will increase, so the overtime will be nice. both of the other jobs require less work, less b.s. and probably a lower level of stress, but anyone who knows me, knows that stress is for the most part obsolete in my life as i am perhaps too immature to recognise it.

plus there is the whole idea of, what to do with grad school. is it ok to put it off for a bit? i am for 2 years, but how much longer should i? if i take either of the new jobs, i will be closer to colleges so that if i wanted to i could take a class or two. if i can get jeffery to pump out to 32.5k or 33k, then i would probably stay- i read about 200-300 pages a week, and still learning norwegian, so i think educationally i am doing ok.
decisions, decisions.

You can never count on overtime though (unless you can make them make you a super special promise with handshake and so on) and moving to the city would eat up any gains, likely, or they'd be negligible.

yes, but i have been promised more money here, and have never been delivered. plus- moving gets me out of an awkward living situation

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