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hvordan har det du?

i'm celebrating my love for you
with a pint of beer and a new tattoo
and if you haven't noticed yet
i'm more impressionable when my cement is wet
~billy bragg

sometimes i think the earth is awfully lucky. it has a pal that is always following it around. sure it is one of the fastest friends someone could have at 2,287 mph, but it is just going in circles for goodness sakes. the only thing going around me is my farts- and no one wants those around no matter how fast they are.

things in the air- applications in hands of hopeful employers, and someone came in to work to-day looking for a job. hell, he can have mine in just a few weeks. new application to be filled out by february for grad school. then the long wait starts before i can get an answer back- three months. three hours is long enough- months? does it really take that long? i would like to know a bit sooner- but i will have to take what i can get.

the new macs are out. thinking about selling this one, getting the newer one. decisions, decisions.

keep your damn computer, buy an iSight. right now the depreciation will kick you in the nuts. unless you want to give apple $400 or $500.

just give the money to me if you don't want it.

how about i kick you in the nuts and steal $400 or $500?

might hold off on getting a macbook...wait and see if it was a good idea to release them early...

whats all this nut kicking about? lets all play nice and be nice little friends. can you tell i work with kids a bit too much? i start talking (and acting...sometimes) like them.
ps-bill, don't move!!!!!! you can get a job where i work, easy. :)

"why can't you two get along like me and mr. finger?"
~ralph wiggum

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