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another year under my belt

tabloid generation's lost
choking on it's fear
used to be that's all we had to fear
conscience keeps us quiet while the crooked love to speak
there's knowledge wrapped in blankets on the streets
a visionary cowardsays that anger can be power
as long as there's a victim on tv
~goo goo dolls

this year, like previous, we went to kris and dave's to watch the waning of the old year. this year i have undertaken the task of fulfilling resolutions that i have made. this is the first year in quite some time, only because i have been, for some time now, resolute. why should the 'baby' new year make me feel like improving myself? i am not all that bad. friggin babies.

so here are my resolutions. i hear that matt has a sign up sheet for those who want to skip the resolution bit and join his revolution.

1. thanks to last year i am now literate, this year i want to be legible. (anyone know where i can buy that kindergarten paper with the lines in it?)

2. with knowledge that i can buy 1¢ and 5¢ stamps, i plan on writing more letters, and making a postal employee's day much more fun stamping out my numerous stamps. (so i need some addresses)

3. i want to learn proper sentence formation and structure. (then watch it digress next new years' eve)

4. to be able to speak and read norwegian (jeg snakker barre litt norsk)

5. to get a new job.

6. to get into a college. (and it better be in australia)

7. increase my heavier lifts by 40 lbs, and my minor lifts by 15 lbs. (even if i wait until december i could just buy some steroids, right)

see- nothing over the top. perhaps i am a bit over-ambitious, but a little bit of coffee and two nights, you would be amazed at what i could do. just ask me about my $2,000 story.

The hope that someday we could find proper sentence structure is a good one. but for right now just keep using large words and keep everyone guessing.

what's your $2000 story?

remember- library with no books on the shelves? that job came with a 2k reward for apprehension of the suspect(s).

why could i not get paid for these ideas, instead of being taunted with rewards for my capture?

i'm glad you have some ambitions. oh, and i can get you some of that paper you were talking about....we have plenty of it at work. are you sure you're going to use it to "be legible" or "be roll'n some doobies"? ha ha

doobies? come on, that is why how i forgot to be literate in the frist place.

Drugs are just bad, you should try to use Herbal Alternatives as a temporary replacement to loose the dependance!

I wish I could blog as good as you, but what I can do is give you a nice Guitar Lesson!

you boys are about 8 months late, get with the times!

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