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mr. bush- i effectively despise you.

my heart is yours
it's you that i hold on to
that's what i do
and i know i was wrong
but i won't let you down

you probably already guessed it (rew did), this is a rant.

i just cannot help but think that saddam is on trial for the murder of some 200 people, some of which have tried to kill him. saddam actually had others do the job. bush has put to death a number of greater value, a mere 153 deaths can be attributed to him through death penalties, and who knows how many other thousands in iraq. and none of these people have ever tried to kill him, unlike saddam's situation. it is natural that people are to be punished for a crime. how many innocent have died due to the decision of our president? yet not even a slap on the wrist. made up information (which was called even at the time of its making) was used to help sway american view. and now we have no more privacy, lets burn the constitution in wake of the homeland security. i feel less secure about living here now that that piece of shit act came to be.

it is quite odd that if you are rich enough, you are considered 'good' for what you do, being a world superpower helps too. i have also noticed that the american 'doing what is right' aspect typically involves making your own rules and 'by any means necessary.' we find it in our fiction books (some) and in our movies where the 'good' guy is actually a bad guy who gets to live by his own set of rules and takes out all of the 'bad' guys- without any sort of consequence. so the u.s. is good and can/will not be held accountable for what it does.

i don't think that i have any real direction that i am going with this, just sharp thoughts that piss me off when i think about them.

you have to understand though, that apparently the poor thing battling an addiction:

haha, thanks matt.

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