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why would you do such a thing

a weak spring in eternity
recall the raw falling blood
void his thousand pound whispers
sleep on what roads you can
& watch your shadows

'why would you do such a thing?' if you haven't guessed it- that is canook talk. let me start from the beginning. rew did the canada kick off up in good 'ol westport, right next to rideau lake, and matt and myself decided to take the scenic route through newark, new jersey. for what reason, i don't know- perhaps matt's early birthday present.
after setting the new and correct course and many miles later, we ended up at the border where we were greeted by canook border patrol. i filled up the lane instead of waiting- which i didn't know was a problem. and then this conversation took place:

mounty: 'where are you guys from?'

me: 'new york.'

mounty: 'do they have stop signs in new york?'

me: 'they have a few' - i decided not to mention that i never ever obey them, in fact ticket number 11 was for just that reason (that ticket also, like the others, was dropped to parking on the curb).
mounty: 'what does it say at the bottom?' me: 'stop?' - it was not pertinent to bring up the fact that the bottom part was french, and that i couldn't read it. but in english at the top it said to wait until lane was clear, but in my defense- it was just a stop sign.
me: 'sorry.' mounty: 'why did you do such a thing?' me: 'should i back up?'

eventually we were let through, but not before hearing one more 'why would you do such a thing". only a few minutes into the socialists campground did i have a funny idea- drink and drive in canada. matt and i cracked open a murphy's each (just one though, you can drive home after one- heck maybe more, it's canada for heaven's sake!).

from that point on, matt and i decided to say, 'why would you do such a thing' and variations, and 'hectoliter' all the while in canada; which i think we did very well.

matt and i were also accosted while throwing darts. a phone call chimes in as i am about to throw my last dart- and it's david young saying something about waiting for us to eat lunch. matt got a wry smile on his face and said, 'we're at a pub.' first day in, and we were caught in a pub.

many great times were had by all. who would have thought that going to canada could prove such a great time? i suppose it would have been harder if we had not the use of croquet and boccé, and then our combined sport of croccé (pronounced 'crotchy' not crotchety').

and is there news of a new hampshire calling?
i do hope so.

last but not least, here is grade 'a' top choice meat

mmm-hmmm. gotta get me a piece o' that.

to say nothing of the legions of killer mosquitos or the guy in the truck who thought we were toking or the coolest dog in the world or the time i schooled everyone at croquet...

how in the world did i forget those things?

sorry matt- i am glad that you filled it in. not to mention that those adventures might not have taken place without you being there.

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